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A Saviour! let creation sing
A Saviour! let creation sing!
A scarlet line through scripture runneth
A shelter in the time of storm
A shining faith
A Shofar is too hard to blow
A sinful child is he
A sinner
A sinner like me
A sinner made whole! a sinner made whole!
A sinner saved by grace
A sinner saved by grace I am
A sinner saved only by grace
A Sion caminamos
A smile upon those ruby lips
A soft wind whispered
A soldier, a soldier, though light
A soldier for Christ I would be
A song, a song for water fair
A song, I'm singing
A song in honor to thy name
A song in my heart
A song of gladness in my heart
A song of hope, a song of joy
A song of joy divine
A song of love welling up
A song of peace
A song of redemption I'll sing
A song of rejoicing is mine
A song of salvation I'm singing
A song of the blossoms bright
A soul winner for Jesus
A sovereign balm for ev'ry wound
A spur to professors
A stalwart form appearing
A star in the cloud I see
A starless crown in glory
A starless crown, no diadem
A starless crown when life is done
A starry crown
A Stranger cut the rope
A stranger no more is He
¡A su nombre gloria!
A sun and shield forever is God
A sunbeam, a sunbeam
A sunbeam in my soul
A Sunday School band
A sunny faced Christian I'll be

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