Hymnary Widgets

We are always trying to find ways to present the information in our database in innovative ways. Here is a list of some of the projects that make use of the over 1 million hymn instances we index.

Search Graph

Track trends in hymn texts over time by graphing the frequency particular words and phrases appear in hymn full texts across the years. For some particularly interesting terms to get you started, try "hell" or "slave".

Hymn Text Comparison

On text authority pages, you can click the "Compare to other versions of this text" link above the hymn full text to compare the different versions of the text we have in our database. You can quickly see the degree of similarity as a color and click on one of the boxes to see the differences between the texts highlighted.

Advanced Search

Our search engine supports a very large variety of advanced searches. Many fields can be found on the Advanced Search page. See our search tips page for help doing even more complex queries.


We also expose several APIs that developers can use to make use of our data:

  • Scripture passage JSON API: hymnary.org/api/scripture — Retrieve hymns that match a particular Scripture reference.
  • Search API — To return the results of any search page as CSV, append "&export=csv" to the end of the URL for that search page.

You can also get our latest text, tune, people, and hymnal data including unique identifiers as CSV files:

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