Training Material for Editors

Would you like to help out as a editor? It takes a bit of training, but fortunately we've created online training material!

Currently there are three training resources for editors:

  • Take the Quiz. This quiz contains 22 questions designed to instruct you about important editing policies. If you aren't sure of an answer, you can look them up in the manual.
  • Try out editing on a training hymnal. We can set up a training hymnal for you that only you can see. It has a handful of hymns. You can make corrections to the hymns by looking at the page images. Its purpose is to let you try out editing at
  • Read the Visual Connecting Authorities Tutorial or the Written Connecting Authorities Tutorial. These tutorials, created by Dianne, go into all of the gory details of connecting instances and authorities. If you go through either of these tutorials and understand it, you will have mastered the most complex aspects of editing.

Step 1. Take the training quiz. To get all the answers right you'll no doubt have to look up some of the answers in the editing manual. But don't worry; if you get some questions wrong you can take the quiz again.

Step 2. Correct the training hymnal. The training hymnal is a small (9-hymn) hymnal you can use to learn and practice your editing skills. If you don't already have a login, sign up for one. Email us to ask us to set up a training hymnal for you. Then find your training hymnal by clicking the Hymnals tab, unchecking "Search pre-1979 (DNAH)", and navigating to "Training hymnal for yourname". We will also email you the link. Don't worry, you can practice on this hymnal and your changes won't affect live data.

Correct the errors in the hymnal data based on the page images. When you are finished correcting it, email Tina Schneider to have your work checked. That's it! When you've correctly completed both parts, we'll give you "editor" permissions at

Reading the Visual Connecting Authorities Tutorial or the Written Connecting Authorities Tutorial is optional, but probably necessary if you are going to do authority resolution.