Hymns for 2 Chronicles 7

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
If My People's Hearts Are Humbled2 Chronicles 74
If My People Will Pray2 Chronicles 7:142
Prayer of Dedication2 Chronicles 7:1-51
When in our music God is glorified2 Chronicles 7:61
Lord of earth and all creation2 Chronicles 7:141
God of Grace and God of Glory2 Chronicles 7:141
Oh, how praying rests the weary!2 Chronicles 7:141
O God of Earth and Altar2 Chronicles 7:141
How Long Hath God Bestowed His Care2 Chronicles 7:141
Great Jehovah! God of Nations2 Chronicles 7:141
In an age of twisted values (Heal our nation)2 Chronicles 7:141
Heal Our Land2 Chronicles 71
If My People2 Chronicles 7:141
We Humble Ourselves2 Chronicles 71
Light and Sound2 Chronicles 7:61
Heal Their Land2 Chronicles 71
(Let Your Glory Fill) This Place2 Chronicles 7:21
Healing Grace2 Chronicles 7:141
扉を開きて2 Chronicles 7:1-101