SUNDOWN (Barnby)

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I have been improving the data at CHL1903 (the Chautauqua Hymnal and Liturgy) and have run across a tune attributed to Barnby that I can't identify. It's called SUNDOWN, and "Now the day is over" is set to it. Initially I assumed it was MERRIAL (Barnby) and so linked it, but then looking at the melody line I realized it was not MERRIAL at all. Anybody recognize it? Is it one of the many Barnby tunes that are just identified by their numbers in his big hymnal? Or something else. Here's the page scan.


In "Hymn Tunes composed by Joseph Barnby," London, Novello, Ewer & Co., preface dated 1897, It is number 55, called SUNDOWN, and is a second setting for "Now the day is over." The first setting does not show a tune name but is MERRIAL. (Austin Lovelace once called MERRIAL "the tune without a melody.")

Surprised nobody else has used it.