Hymnal with chords?

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My church uses a traditional "Favorite Hymns of Praise" hymnal. Is there a version available anywhere with chords? My sightreading for piano is weak, I basically play accompaniment just by chords. It would be very helpful to have the songs already "chorded out".


Please check with the publisher, Hope Publishing, to see if they have this resource. We have a sister website My.Hymnary which has Lead Sheets for some public domain hymns. For example, there is one for "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty": https://my.hymnary.org/song/3/holy-holy-holy-lord-god-almighty?instrument=melody&capo=None&  The best way to find these is to search the My.Hymnary.org website for the hymna title. If there are chords they will appear in the preview. On the score page, select "Lead Sheet" for "Chord Sheet" rom the Instrument/Format menu. If the key does not match what is in your hymnal, the score may be transposed. You can also increase the size of the score.