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I found this song by César Malan and I like it but the words are all in french? Where's the english for this?



I haven't been able to find any English version of this text. Of course, since it's not under copyright, anyone who knows French and English and likes writing poem translations can produce a paraphrase that will work.

Oh I see

Here's what Google Translate gives:

1 Let's sing, let's sing without ceasing
The goodness of the Lord:
What a holy joy
Fill our heart!  -- should be "Fills"
An eternal salvation
Came down from the sky:
We have a Saviour,
We have a Saviour.

2 O ineffable happiness!
Huge charity!
God forgives the guilty
Against him revolted.
To carry our packages,
To seal our peace,
Jesus showed up
Jesus introduced himself.

3 At the Throne of Grace
If we look up,
We meet the face
Of a glorious Saviour.
For us until the end
Divine Intercessor,
He is victorious
He is victorious.

4 To lead the way
Of all his redeemed,
Into their hearts he sends
Its heavenly lights.
His Spirit leads us,
His grace teaches us
holy truths,
holy truths.

5 In the book of life
He placed our names;
He constantly invites us
To savor his gifts.
Guarded by his power,
Nourished by holy hope,
Towards the sky we walk,
Towards the sky we walk.

6 Soon, clothed in glory,
From heaven he will descend;
Consuming his victory,
He will deliver us.
His happy redeemed,
By him risen,
As it is will see it,
As it is will see.

7 O supreme charity,
Sharing of elected officials!
The Redeemer loves us:
What more do we need?
Ah! live every day
In his faithful love;
Let's publish its virtues!
Let's publish its virtues!

Have at it! Remember "charity" here is probably what we call "love", not "welfare and food banks". But seriously, with a little effort you can probably come up with a singable version.