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    There is not an easy way to restrict a search to hymnals that have an index. You would need to check each hymnal and not add these to My Hymnals, or the link you included is a hymnal without instances, so you could select Instances as your result type.

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    The DNAH indexers indexed the 1868 publication. We had access to the 1858 (1857 copyright date) publication instead of the 1868 publication, As far as we can tell 1868 is a republication of the original hymnal copyrighted in 1857. There is not an easy way to change the hymnal id. Basically a new hymnal would need to be added. It is much easier to edit the publication date of the hymnal we're working with.

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    I appreciate all your hard work! 

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    I've merged these texts. For searching purposes, the texts are cross referenced. A search for "As longs the deer" will find the more common "As longs the hart." The issue is with editing and with different editors adding new authorities for "As longs the deer" when it should go under "As longs the hart." We have developed a system for reviewing newly added authorities to see if they are actually new, but sometimes editors do not give enough information for a judgment to be made. Also psalms, like translations, are tricky. There are sometimes only a handful of ways to express what the psalm says so there is often a lot of similarity. Editors work at the instance level, but they should be checking the authority to see if its a match to the text or tune in front of them.

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    What is the title or first line of the hymn? Can you post a page scan? Who referred to the book as S.T.A.D., and where? A photo of the cover? How do you know it is "100 ... or more" years old? Any additional information you can provide will increase the chances someone will know what book you're talking about. Songs to Address Deity? Songs of the Trinity, the Angels, and the Demons? I mean, the possibilities are nearly endless.