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Holiness Hymnals:

HymnalAsPublication Date
Blood and Fire: Salvation Songs Used by the SalvationistsSalvation Army1890
Choice Hymns: a Collection of Hymns from the Free Methodist HymnalFree Methodist Church of North America1942
Choice Light and Life SongsFree Methodist Church of North America1950
Cross and Crown Hymnal, 3rd ed.Pillar of Fire (Alma White). Pentecostal Union1949
Free Methodist HymnalFree Methodist Church of North America1915
Glad PraiseChurch of the Nazarene. Nazarenes1932
Glorious Gospel HymnsChurch of the Nazarene. Nazarenes1931
Himnos de la Vida CristianaChristian and Missionary Alliance1967
Hymn Book of the Holiness Movement ChurchHoliness Movement in Canada1902
Hymnal of the Church of GodChurch of God (Anderson, Ind.)1971
Hymns by the Marechale and OthersSalvation Army1913
Hymns of Faith and LifeFree Methodist Church of North America1976
Hymns of the Christian LifeChristian and Missionary Alliance1936
Hymns of the Christian Life. No. 3: for church worship, conventions, evangelistic services, prayer meetings, missionary meetings, revival services, rescue mission work and Sunday schoolsChristian and Missionary Alliance1904
Hymns of the Christian Life. Rev. ed.Christian and Missionary Alliance1978
Hymns of the Christian Life. Rev. ed.Christian and Missionary Alliance1962
Inspirational Songs for Sunday School, Social Worship, Missionary and Evangelistic WorkFree Methodist Church of North America1924
New Hymns and Spiritual songs, on different subjects, to be sung by all the holy brethren, and all that love the LordReformed Methodist Church1822
One Hundred Favorite Songs of the Salvation ArmySalvation Army1893
Praise and Worship (The Nazarene Hymnal)Church of the Nazarene1951
Praise Hymns and Full Salvation SongsHoliness Christian Church1898
Reasons to SingChurch of the Nazarene1971
Salvation Army MusicSalvation Army1900
Salvation Soldier's Song BookSalvation Army1880
Salvation Soldiers' Song BookSalvation Army1896
Selected Salvation Songs. Vol. 1Salvation Army in Canada1887
Sing to the Lord: HymnalChurch of the Nazarene1993
Songs for Men, the Salvation Army Official Song BookSalvation Army1961
Songs for Service MenSalvation Army1943
Songs of Full SalvationChurch of the Nazarene. Nazarenes1920
Standardbearer HymnsChurch of the Nazarene. Nazarenes1935
Sunday School Joy BellsChurch of the Nazarene. Nazarenes1912
Thánh CaChristian and Missionary Alliance1983
The Hymn Book of the Free Methodist ChurchFree Methodist Church of North America1891
The Reformed Methodist Pocket Hymnal: Revised: collected from various authors. Designed for the worship of God in all Christian churches.Reformed Methodist Episcopal Church1828
The Salvation Army SolosSalvation Army1885
The Salvation Army Special SongsSalvation Army1886
The Salvation Soldier's Song BookSalvation Army1880
The Salvation Soldier's Song BookSalvation Army1885
The Song Book of the Salvation ArmySalvation Army1953
Women's Foreign Missionary Society, Church of the Nazarene, Quadrennial Convention, June 13-15, 1940Church of the Nazarene. Nazarenes1940
Worship in Song: Nazarene HymnalChurch of the Nazarene1972
Worship the Lord: Hymnal of the Church of GodChurch of God1989