Text:Deus Deorum
Author:J. H.

26. Deus Deorum

1 The God of gods, the Lord,
hath cal'd the earth by name:
From whence the Sun doth rise, unto
the setting of the same.
2 From Sion his faire place,
his glory bright and cleare,
The perfect beauty of his grace,
from thence it did appeare,

3 Our God shall come in haste,
to speake he shall not doubt:
Before him shall the fire wast,
and tempest round about.
4 The heavens from on high,
the earth below likewise
He will call forth, to judge and trie,
his fok he doth devise.

5 Bring forth my Saints, saith he,
my faithfull flock most deare:
Which are in band and league with me,
my law to love and feare.
6 And when these thins are tride,
the heavens shall record,
That God is just and all must bide
the judgement of the Lord.

7 My people O give heed,
Israel to thee I cry:
I am thy God, thy help at need,
thou canst it not deny.
8 I do not say to thee,
thy sacrifice is slack:
Thou offer'\est daily unto me
much more than I do lack.

9 Think'st thou that I do need
thy cattel young or old?
Or els so much delight to feed
on Goats out of thy fold?
10 Nay, all the beasts are mine,
in woods that eat their fills:
And thousand more of neat and kine
that run wild on the hills:

The second Part:

11 The birds that build on hie,
in hils and out of sight:
And beasts that in the fields do lie,
are subject to my might.
12 Then though I hungered sore,
what need I ought of thine?
Sitj that the earth with her great store.
and all therein is mine?

13 To Buls flesh have I mind.
to eat it dost thou think?
Or such a sweetnesse do I find
the blood of Goats to drink?
14 Give to the Lord his praise,
with thanks to him apply:
And see thou pay thy vowes alwaoes
unto the God most hie.

15 Then seek and call to me,
when ought would work thee blame;
And I will sure deliver thee,
that thou maist praise my Name.
16 But to the wicked traine,
which talk of God each day:
And yet their works are foule and vaine,
to them the Lord will say>

17 With what face darest thou
my word once speak or name?
Why do thy talk my law allow?
thy deeds deny the same/
18 Whereas for to amend
thy life thou art so slack:
My word, the which thou dost pretend,
is cast behind thy back,

The third Part.

19 When thou a thief dost see,
by theft to live in wealth:
With him thou runst and dost agree
likewise to thrive by stealth.
20 When thou dost them behold.
that wives and maids defile:
Thou lik'st it well, and waxest bold,
to use that life most vile.

21 Thy lips thou dost apply,
to slander and defame:
Thy tongue is taught to craft and lie,
and still doth use the same.
22 Thou studiest to revile
thy friends to thee most neare:
With slander thou wouldst needs defile
thy mothers sonne most deare.

23 Hereat while I do wink,
as though I did not see:
Thou goest on still, and so dost think
that I am like to thee.
24 But sure I will not let
to strike when I begin:
Thy faults in order I will set,
And open all thy sin.

25 Mark this I you require,
that have not God in mind:
Lest when I plague you in mine ire,
your help be far to find,
26 He that doth give to me
the sacrifice of praise,
Doth please me well and he shall see
to walk in godly waies.

Text Information
First Line: The God of gods, the Lord
Title: Deus Deorum
Author: J. H.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Notes: Sing this as Psalm 15
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