27a. Miserere mei

1 O Lord, consider my distresse,
and now with speed some pitie take:
My sins deface, my faults redresse,
good Lord, for thy great mercies sake.
2 Wash me, O Lord, and make me cleane,
from this unjust and sinfull act:
And purifie me once againe,
my heinous crime and bloudy fact.

3 Remorse and sorrow do constraine
me to acknowledge my excesse:
My sin alas doth still remaine
before my face without release.
4 For thee alone I have offended,
committing evill in thy sight:
And if I were therefore condemned,
yet were thy judgments just & right,

5 It is too manifest alas,
that first I was conceiv'd in sin:
Yea of my mother so borne was,
and yet vile wretch remaine therein.
6 Also behold Lord, thou dost love
the inward truth of a pure heart:
Therefore thy wisdome from above
thou hast reveal'd me to convert.

7 If thou with hysop purge this blot,
I shall be cleaner than the glasse:
And if thou wash away my spot,
the snow in whiteness I shall passe.
8 Therefore O Lord such joy me send,
that inwardly I may find grace:
And that my strength may now amend,
which thou hast swag'd for my trespasse.

9 Turn back thy face and frowning ire,
for I have felt enough thy hand:
And purge my sins I thee desire,
which do in number passe the sand.
10 Make new my heart within my brest,
and frame it to thy holy will:
Thy constant Spirit in me let rest,
which may these raging enemies kill.

The second Part:

11 Cast me not Lord, out from thy face,
but speedily my torments end:
Take not from me thy Spirit of grace,
which may from dangers me defend.
12 Restore me to those joyes againe,
which I was wont in thee to find:
and let me thy free Spirit retaine,
which unto thee may stir my mind.

13 Thus when I shall thy mercies know,
I shall instruct others therein:
And men that are likewise brought low
by mine example shall flie sin.
14 O God, that of my health art Lord,
forgive me this my bloudy vice:
My heart and tongue shall, then accord
to sing thy mercy and justice.

15 Touch thou my lips, my tongue untie,
O Lord which art the only key:
And then my mouth shall testifie,
thy wondrous works and praise alway.
16 And as for outward sacrifice,
I would have offered many one:
But thou esteem'st them of no price,
and therein pleasure tak'st none.

17 The heavy heart, the mind oppresy,
O Lord, thou never dost reject:
And to speak truth it is the best,
and of all sacrifice th'effect.
18 Lord unto Sion turn thy face,
powre out thy mercies on thy hill:
And on Jerusalem thy grace,
build up the wals and love it still.

19 Thou shalt accept then our offrings
of peace and righteousnesse I say:
Yea calves and many other things,
upon thinr altar will we lay.

Text Information
First Line: O Lord consider my distress
Title: Miserere mei
Author: W. W.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Tune Information
Name: [O Lord consider my distress]
Key: d minor

MIDI file: Midi

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