Brightest Glory: a collection of choice original hymns and tunes, by our best composers, for the Sunday schools, young people's meetings, and all religious gatherings

Editor: Frank M. Davis
Publisher: John J. Hood, Philadelphia, 1894
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number.
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3Brightest glory to the FatherPage Scan
4Once more, within these sacred wallsPage Scan
5With joy we hail this dayPage Scan
6Who will follow JesusPage Scan
7At the cross where Jesus diedPage Scan
8Hark to the Master's earnest callPage Scan
9Does the Lord own me His today?Page Scan
10Do I stand on the Rock, Christ Jesus?Page Scan
11From Egypt's cruel bondage fledPage Scan
12There's a happy land of sunshinePage Scan
13When weary with the ills of lifePage Scan
14Lord of the harvest, send forth reapersPage Scan
15Near the cross of JesusPage Scan
16Lift up the trumpet, O loud let it ringPage Scan
17I lay my sins on JesusPage Scan
18'Tis almost time for the Lord to comePage Scan
19More about Jesus would I knowPage Scan
20Over the hills of JudahPage Scan
21I think of a land, a beautiful landPage Scan
22Oft in danger, oft in woePage Scan
23Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly DovePage Scan
24Will you come to the feast that the King has spread?Page Scan
25There is a fountain filled with bloodPage Scan
26Hide me safely in Thy shadowPage Scan
27All the way my Saviour leads mePage Scan
28Art thou weary, worn, and laden?Page Scan
29Hark, the message of salvationPage Scan
30Have you no time for JesusPage Scan
31Open the windows tow'ard JerusalemPage Scan
32Does the Saviour call to youPage Scan
33In a weary land I wander, and withPage Scan
34Spread the news beyond the wavePage Scan
35O the peace that fills my soulPage Scan
36We are children of a King, wondrous KingPage Scan
37Jesus, and shall it ever bePage Scan
38Listen, O listen, I've something to sayPage Scan
39Work for time is flyingPage Scan
40On the rocks a ship is drivingPage Scan
41Gathering pearls for the MasterPage Scan
42Onward thro' trials and cares I will goPage Scan
43Let us ask the precious SaviourPage Scan
44Have ye heard of the ruler that came by nightPage Scan
45The voice of God is sweetly callingPage Scan
46The great Physician on Jericho's roadPage Scan
47Lift up your voices in triumphant songsPage Scan
48In the shadow of His wings I am resting sweetlyPage Scan
49Save, Jesus savePage Scan
50We are marching on to the promised landPage Scan
51O for a thousand tongues to singPage Scan
52There are many dear souls so wearyPage Scan
53By and by we all shall meetPage Scan
54Firm and united we ever march alongPage Scan
55Must Jesus bear the cross alonePage Scan
56O, what a lesson we all may learnPage Scan
57I have heard a message sweet from the Lord todayPage Scan
58Onward, Christian soldiers, goPage Scan
59Penitent, sin-confessing One, to Jesus camePage Scan
60Sweet are the promises, Kind is the wordPage Scan
61When shining stars their vigils keepPage Scan
62Where my Shepherd leads I'll followPage Scan
63Why did God bestow His SonPage Scan
64Hear the voice of Jesus say, Come to me, come to mePage Scan
65Lead them, my God, to TheePage Scan
66We are sowing, ever sowing Page Scan
67Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy namePage Scan
68Two paths lie before you to journeyPage Scan
69Jesus, Saviour, pilot mePage Scan
70Work, work for JesusPage Scan
71Shall we meet beyond the riverPage Scan
72Eternity, how long, how longPage Scan
73Cleanse Thou me from secret sinPage Scan
74Are you weary, are you heavy-hearted?Page Scan
75Beyond the border land of earthPage Scan
76There's a wonderful story that never grows oldPage Scan
77God in His mercy calls upon mePage Scan
78Come to me, Saviour, comePage Scan
79Jesus sent Thee from abovePage Scan
80Rejoicing evermore in our hopes laid up abovePage Scan
81Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise GodPage Scan
82Passing through the fiery furnacePage Scan
83Have you read in the Scriptures, my brotherPage Scan
84Jesus the Shepherd is callingPage Scan
85Glory be to the Father, and to the SonPage Scan
86O listen to the messagePage Scan
87Heaven is not far awayPage Scan
88If you will, you may know the gladness of your sins forgiv'nPage Scan
89What can satisfy my soul?Page Scan
90O promise sweet for ev'ry onePage Scan
91I've enlisted in the army of the Lord, of the LordPage Scan
92Hark, the voice of countless thousands singing Page Scan
93Showers of blessing we're promisedPage Scan
94Salvation, O, the joyful news!Page Scan
95Here we see through the glass darklyPage Scan
96O idler, why loiter the bright hours away?Page Scan
97In the way He leads usPage Scan
98Worthy to be praised art ThouPage Scan
99O wand'rer return, Christ calleth for theePage Scan
100Some one knocking, some one pleading Page Scan
101There's a beautiful land where the angels dwellPage Scan
102We have heard of a Monarch who laid by His crownPage Scan

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