The Baptist Hymn Book: original and selected: in two parts

Editor: Wm. C. Buck
Publisher: J. Eliot & Co., Louisville, Ky., 1842
Denomination: Baptist
Language: English
Notes: Hymns in Part II (B) are numbered separately
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701Great Lord of all, thy matchless powerPage Scan
702On us, oppressed beneath thy strokePage Scan
703Great Ruler of the earth and skiesPage Scan
704Praise to the Lord, who bows his earPage Scan
705How rich thy gifts, almighty KingPage Scan
706Lord, how shall wretched sinners darePage Scan
707While o'er our guilty land, O LordPage Scan
708To thee, who reignest supreme abovePage Scan
709'Wine is a mocker;' so the wordPage Scan
710I see the carr of temperance rollPage Scan
711How sweet it is to hear the soundPage Scan
712How long shall virtue languishPage Scan
713There sprang a tree of deadly namePage Scan
714Only this once, the wine cup glowedPage Scan
715Great God, assembled in thy housePage Scan
716O take the maddening bowl awayPage Scan
717O drunkard, drunkard, stop thy handPage Scan
718Is there no hope, O sinner, pausePage Scan
719Return, O wanderer, returnPage Scan
720Sinner, is thy heart at restPage Scan
721All ye who laugh and sport with deathPage Scan
722All yesterday is gonePage Scan
723Come on, my fellow pilgrims, comePage Scan
724Destruction's dangerous roadPage Scan
725I saw beyond the tombPage Scan
726Deluded souls, who think to graspPage Scan
727Lord, shall we part with theePage Scan
728With melting heart and weeping eyesPage Scan
729Gracious Lord, incline thine earPage Scan
730Prostrate dear Jesus at thy feetPage Scan
731The mighty God will not despisePage Scan
732The Lord will happiness divinePage Scan
733Ye trembling souls, dismiss your fearsPage Scan
734Unclean, unclean, and full of sinPage Scan
735Lord, didst thou die, but not for me?Page Scan
736Afflictions, though they seem severePage Scan
737And canst thou then believePage Scan
738Beside the gospel poolPage Scan
739Come, my soul, thy suit preparePage Scan
740Hear, gracious God, a sinner's cryPage Scan
741In evil long I took delightPage Scan
742If I perish, I will goPage Scan
743Jesus, I fly to theePage Scan
744Lord, hear a burdened sinner mournPage Scan
745My conscious guilt is now so greatPage Scan
746O for a glance of heavenly dayPage Scan
747O give me, Lord, my sins to mournPage Scan
748O that my load of sin were gonePage Scan
749Pity a helpless sinner, LordPage Scan
750Ah what can I a sinner doPage Scan
751Approach, my soul, the mercy seatPage Scan
752Am I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
753Dead be my heart to all belowPage Scan
754Is it a thing of good reportPage Scan
755In vain men talk of living faithPage Scan
756Ye who in in former daysPage Scan
757Backsliding souls, return to GodPage Scan
758Jesus, let thy pitying eyePage Scan
759How far, alas, in sinful waysPage Scan
760Once I thought my mountain strongPage Scan
761This wretched heart will still backslidePage Scan
762Assembled at thy great commandPage Scan
763That mighty angel to whose handPage Scan
764'Twas Jesus' last and great commandPage Scan
765Before Thy throne, eternal KingPage Scan
766The Lord on mortal worms looks downPage Scan
767O'er the gloomy hills of darknessPage Scan
768Shout for the great Redeemer reignsPage Scan
769All hail, incarnate God!Page Scan
770Sing to the Lord abovePage Scan
771Behold, O Lord, at thy commandPage Scan
772Almighty Saviour, here we standPage Scan
773Buried in Jordan was our LordPage Scan
774Come ye redeemed of the LordPage Scan
775Dear Lord, and will thy pard'ing lovePage Scan
776Hosanna to our Saviour, GodPage Scan
777Jesus, we come at thy commandPage Scan
778Let plenteous grace descend upon thosePage Scan
779Lord, in humble, sweet submissionPage Scan
780O glorious God of gracePage Scan
781Repent and be baptiz'dPage Scan
782When the eternal Son of GodPage Scan
783When we baptize, we see the modePage Scan
784While Philip scann'd the sacred pagePage Scan
785In Jordan's tide the Baptist standsPage Scan
786The great Redeemer we adorePage Scan
787Thus it became the Prince of gracePage Scan
788Humble souls, who seek salvationPage Scan
789Gracious Lord, hast thou redeemedPage Scan
790Thus was the great Redeemer plungedPage Scan
791Jesus, mighty King in Sion!Page Scan
792See how the willing converts tracePage Scan
793Great God, we in thy courts appearPage Scan
794How great, how solemn is the workPage Scan
795Go teach the nations and baptizePage Scan
796Whate'er to thee, our Lord, belongsPage Scan
797Hosanna to the church's HeadPage Scan
798Behold the grave where Jesus layPage Scan
799Come, ye redeemed of the LordPage Scan
800We to this place are come to showPage Scan

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