Bright Jewels for the Sunday School: a new collection of Sunday School songs written expressly for this work, many of which are the latest compositions of William B. Bradbury...

Editor: Rev. Robert Lowry
Publisher: Biglow & Main, New York, 1869
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by the page number the hymn starts on, if there is more than one hymn on a page, letters are added to the numbers. Starting on p. 154, hymns are numbered 1-22
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5Bright jewels of song to the Saviour we bringPage Scan
6Can you stand for God, tho' you stand alonePage Scan
7Strike the harp of Zion, wake the tuneful layPage Scan
8Come and join the glorious army praising God belowPage Scan
9In the furrows of thy lifePage Scan
10Bright is the joy of the girl or boyPage Scan
11Little hearts, O Lord, may love theePage Scan
12Dawning in the valley, Smiling o'er the hillPage Scan
13Take thy staff and journey onwardPage Scan
14Hark! the bells of holy SabbathPage Scan
15Why despond, tho' trials comePage Scan
16My life flows on in endless songPage Scan
17I have a Saviour--he's pleading in gloryPage Scan
18As I sought with weary flittingPage Scan
19Gladly, brothers, gladlyPage Scan
20There is work to do for JesusPage Scan
21Gentle Saviour, God of lovePage Scan
22What shall we do, for the desert is lonelyPage Scan
23Hear the music of our voicesPage Scan
24One more day's work for JesusPage Scan
25Sing with a tuneful spiritPage Scan
26How sweet the chiming Sabbath bells!Page Scan
27Kindly and graciously, prompted by lovePage Scan
28On the sweet Eden shore so peaceful and brightPage Scan
29Our Father in heaven We hallow thy namePage Scan
30When first the dove afar and widePage Scan
31It is the blessed Sabbath dayPage Scan
32If you want the love of JesusPage Scan
33I want to be like JesusPage Scan
34Do we love our gentle SaviourPage Scan
35Go, leave thy heart with JesusPage Scan
36aJesus, we thy lambs would bePage Scan
36bHappy, happy meet we herePage Scan
37Meet me in that lovely landPage Scan
38When the first blush of morn rises over the hillsPage Scan
39"I'll hie me down to yonder bank"Page Scan
40Hark! 'tis the voice of my Saviour I hearPage Scan
41'Twill not be long our journey herePage Scan
42Hail! all hail! A glorious light has arisen!Page Scan
43We shall meet beyond the riverPage Scan
44Roll, Jordan, roll, Thy foaming waters roll alongPage Scan
45Alas! and did my Saviour bleed? Page Scan
46'Tis Jesus in the sunshinePage Scan
47Good night! good night! till we meet in the morningPage Scan
48aHow dark were life, with naught to cheerPage Scan
48bThine, Lord, forever! Purchas'd by blood divinePage Scan
49Pilgrim haste thee onwardPage Scan
50Hail! hail the glorious morning!Page Scan
51Hark! the voice of Jesus callingPage Scan
52God our Father loves usPage Scan
53I come, I come with this one pleaPage Scan
54I have entered the valley of blessing so sweetPage Scan
55Saviour, bless a little childPage Scan
56It is all for the best, O my FatherPage Scan
57How much our parents cared for usPage Scan
58Come, oh, come, to the river of lovePage Scan
59The Sabbath School! I love the placePage Scan
60Dear little lambs, will you come to the SaviourPage Scan
62Only just across the river, Over on the other sidePage Scan
63Come, sinner to the gospel feastPage Scan
64Oh, send forth the Bible, more precious than gold!Page Scan
65Our hearts are young and joyousPage Scan
66Where we oft have met in gladnessPage Scan
67When striving with the hosts of sinPage Scan
68Sound the battle cry! Page Scan
69Pilgrim, rejoice! for the mantle of sinPage Scan
70Thou art "the glory of all lands"Page Scan
71Sing, O ye heavens, in glory extendingPage Scan
72Weary not, my brother; Cheerful be thy songPage Scan
73Up! and work, behold the morningPage Scan
74Let us mingle our voices in chorus todayPage Scan
75Long my spirit pined in sorrowPage Scan
76Did Jesus love mePage Scan
77There is Life for a Look at the crucified onePage Scan
78O come to the fountain of mercy and lovePage Scan
79Lift aloud your songs of praisePage Scan
80The shadows are falling, Swift closeth the dayPage Scan
81In darkness art thou walkingPage Scan
82Praise Him, praise Him--Jesus, our blessed RedeemerPage Scan
83The Spirit, in our hearts Page Scan
84Keep thou my way, O Lord!Page Scan
85I know of a jewel whose lustrePage Scan
86Now the Saviour invites you to comePage Scan
87Father above, Thou God of lovePage Scan
88With cheerful voices kindly greetingPage Scan
89In the golden sunlight, shining bright and clearPage Scan
90Come in life's young, golden morningPage Scan
91Weary child, from day to dayPage Scan
92A brighter day is breakingPage Scan
93The Lord, our God, is faithfulPage Scan
94Through a world of sorrowPage Scan
95We sing our song of jubileePage Scan
96Come, children, hail the Prince of PeacePage Scan
97With the Angel of God, Jacob wrestled all nightPage Scan
98Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!Page Scan
99Praise the Lord, oh! praise him, praise himPage Scan
100When these weary days are overPage Scan
101Can my soul find rest from sorrowPage Scan
102Over the river I'm goingPage Scan
103There's a gentle voice within calls awayPage Scan

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