Bright Melodies: for the Sunday school and young people's societies embracing praise hymns, work songs, invitation songs, primary songs, etc., etc.

Editor: Jno R. Sweney, J. Howard Entwisle
Publisher: John J. Hood, Philadelphia/ Chicago, 1899
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number until 202, and then it is by hymn number.
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5aGlory be to the Father, and to the SonPage Scan
5bPraise God, from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
6Hark! hark, the trumpet soundingPage Scan
7"Be of good cheer," saith the SaviourPage Scan
8Like a shepherd, tender, truePage Scan
9By and by, I know there'll bePage Scan
10Something more of JesusPage Scan
11We shall stand before the KingPage Scan
12Toiler in the harvest fieldPage Scan
13Blessed words that with me dwellPage Scan
14There's a place in heav'n prepared for mePage Scan
15I trust thee, blessed SaviourPage Scan
16Behold! a royal armyPage Scan
17Are you sowing, daily sowingPage Scan
18Go forth at Christ's commandPage Scan
19Hear the Saviour saying, "Come to me"Page Scan
20When upon life's billows you are tempest toss'dPage Scan
21Wheresoe'er we be on life's raging seaPage Scan
22We're marching on, a mighty host of soldiersPage Scan
23March, march along; let us gladly singPage Scan
24Our barks may be launch'd on life's voyagePage Scan
25Sweeping down the ages, hear the joyful soundPage Scan
26It was so little, the kindness you offeredPage Scan
27I am thinking today of that beautiful landPage Scan
28Will you be one in that beautiful land?Page Scan
29Wait on the Lord, wait patientlyPage Scan
30In accents of love doth the Saviour implorePage Scan
31Upon the Rock, the solid RockPage Scan
32My heart today with joy is singingPage Scan
33More about Jesus would I knowPage Scan
34On the battlefield of lifePage Scan
35Come ev'ry soul by sin oppress'dPage Scan
36Victory, victory, glorious victoryPage Scan
37Keep in heart, be ever patientPage Scan
38March on, happy soldiers, rejoice as you goPage Scan
39Draw me still closer, dear SaviourPage Scan
40In a world where sorrowPage Scan
41A hand all bruised and bleeding is knocking at the doorPage Scan
42When from the scenes of earth we risePage Scan
43Banner of the blessed treePage Scan
44O listen again to the voice loudly sounding!Page Scan
45No tears in yonder homePage Scan
46We come again, in bonds of love, an army strongPage Scan
47Once more we gather in our Sabbath dwellingPage Scan
48Send out the sunlight, the sunlight of cheerPage Scan
49A message sweet is borne to mePage Scan
50We shall cross the mystic river, one by onePage Scan
51I am walking in the sunshinePage Scan
52You're sailing t'oward the fearful rapids, brotherPage Scan
53Tell me the story of JesusPage Scan
54Let the gospel story roll around the worldPage Scan
55He leadeth me! O words divinePage Scan
56This life will soon be endedPage Scan
57Will you come to the feast that the King has spread?Page Scan
58Take the world, but give me JesusPage Scan
59I sing the love of Jesus, and the notes divinePage Scan
60There's a veil that hangs before mePage Scan
61A golden promise I may claimPage Scan
62Blessed Lily of the Valley, oh, how fair is he!Page Scan
63I read that whosoever Page Scan
64In that fair city, over life's seaPage Scan
65He feedeth his flock like a shepherdPage Scan
66Praise to thee, Jehovah, JesusPage Scan
67Ev'ry one is sowing both by word and deedPage Scan
68Praise the name of Christ in heavenPage Scan
69'Tis sad to think, that tho' some hearPage Scan
70Hallelujah! Hallelujah! O what joy divine!Page Scan
71Let us do what we can for JesusPage Scan
72Mighty army of the youngPage Scan
73O'er death's sea, in yon blest cityPage Scan
74There's a land beyond the billows, where the roses never diePage Scan
75Wake, list'ning skies, and tell the wondrous storyPage Scan
76Sing on, ye joyful pilgrimsPage Scan
78Oh, the world has need of sunshine as you goPage Scan
79The earth was fill'd with peace and lightPage Scan
80A little while to wait, and watch and wonderPage Scan
81When your spirit bows in sorrowPage Scan
82When my soul is oppress'dPage Scan
83They are pushing out the life-boat, throwing out the linePage Scan
84No scenes of mirth upon the earthPage Scan
85How many sad partings we have on earth's shorePage Scan
86Scattering precious seed by the waysidePage Scan
87Blessed Bible, Book of GoldPage Scan
88Our waiting eyes are unto thee, O LordPage Scan
89Sunset and evening starPage Scan
90Jesus is the light, the wayPage Scan
91No danger can my soul affrightPage Scan
92On for Jesus! steady be your arm and bravePage Scan
93Saviour, lead me, lest I strayPage Scan
94The mountain-path is rough and steepPage Scan
95Jesus, Saviour, pilot mePage Scan
96Faithful workers we in the fields of the LordPage Scan
97Far from the fold, how many sheep are strayingPage Scan
98What a fellowship, what a joy divinePage Scan
99There’s not a friend like the lowly JesusPage Scan
100Cheerily on, O Eendeav'rers, awayPage Scan
101My country! 'tis of theePage Scan
102Not always in green pastures doth the Master lead my soulPage Scan
103Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingPage Scan
104There's sunshine in my soul to-dayPage Scan

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