J. Howard Entwisle

Short Name: J. Howard Entwisle
Full Name: Entwisle, J. Howard, 1865-1901
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1901

J Howard Entwisle USA 1865-1901. Born in PA, he became a musician and songbook editor-compiler in Philadelphia, PA, in the 1890s. He collaberated with William J Kirkpatrick, also of Philadelphia, promoting gospel songs. He helped compile “Songs of love and praise #4”, then later “Songs of love and praise #5”. Other published works were: “Bright melodies” (1899), “Heavenly sunlight” (1900), “Exalted praise” (1901). He died in Philadelphia.

John Perry

Texts by J. Howard Entwisle (36)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Beautiful carols of joy we hearJ. H. E. (Author)English6
Bells of gladness, ringJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English2
Close to the fountain of blessingJ. H. E. (Author)English2
Far from the fold, how many sheep are strayingJ. H. E. (Author)English4
From the glorious heavenly archesJ. H. E. (Author)English2
Go forth at Christ's commandJ. H. E. (Author)English8
Happy in Jesus' love, I'm abidingJ. H. E. (Author)English2
Hark! hark, the trumpet soundingJ. H. E. (Author)English18
Hark! hark, the voice of Jesus is callingJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English2
Have you heard the Savior calling you todayJ. H. E. (Author)English2
Hear the blessed Master callingJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English2
Horch! Kriegsposaunen hallenJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)German1
I'm going home, I'm going home, away from earth's cold cheerJ. H. E. (Author)English5
In the shelter of the Savior's loveJ. H. E. (Author)English6
I've been a wanderer far from GodJ. H. E. (Author)English7
Jesus, Comforter divine, Thou the Prophet, Priest and KingJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English2
Jesus is willing thy burden to bearJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English2
Let all the earth now rejoice in the LordJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English2
Let the gospel story roll around the worldJ. H. E. (Author)English6
Merry Christmas day is hereJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English2
No tears in yonder home, There, all serene and brightJ. H. Entwisle (Author)English8
O Joyous day that fixed my heartJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English2
On for Jesus, steady be your arm and braveJ. H. E. (Author)English12
Praise, praise JehovahJ. H. E. (Author)English2
Praise ye Jehovah, O praise the Lord who reigns aboveJ. H. E. (Author)English6
Ring out, ye bells, your merry layJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English3
Sing unto God with gladnessJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English4
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, Learning of Him day by dayJ. L. H. (Author)English1
Take the world for Jesus, sound the great battle cryJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English3
The snow was drifting over the hillsJ. H. E. (Arranger)English3
There's a call for soldiers on the field of battleJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English3
There's a Friend we love who is ever nearJ. L. H. (Author)English1
We will render praise to Him, and honorJ. H. E. (Author)English3
We will tell the wondrous storyJ. H. E. (Author)English3
We're marching on, a mighty host of soldiersJ. H. E. (Author)English4
Worthy the Lamb who was slain for sinnersJ. Howard Entwisle (Author)English2
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