Bugle Notes for the Temperance Army: a collection of songs, quartettes, and glees, adapted to the use of all temperance gatherings, glee clubs, etc. ...

Editor: W. F. Sherwin, J. N. Stearns
Publisher: National Temperance Society and Publishing House, New York, 1871
Language: English
Notes: Numbers are the page numbers the hymn starts on. If two hymns start on the same page, letters are added after the page number.
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3Come, freeman, rally once againPage Scan
4Hark! it is the Bugle's note!Page Scan
6We are strong, we are strong Page Scan
8Hurrah! for sparkling waterPage Scan
10Fierce is our foe and marshalled in mightPage Scan
12Sign tonight, sign tonight, sign tonightPage Scan
14Water is best for the trees of the forestPage Scan
16Down in a dellPage Scan
18If the farmer, in the springtimePage Scan
20O not with the fife and the murderous knifePage Scan
22Water, water, sparkling waterPage Scan
24I am a drinker of water clearPage Scan
27Hark, what cry arrests mine ear?Page Scan
28'Tis a work of prevention and curePage Scan
30Onward, onward, ev'ry true friend of cold waterPage Scan
32The fortunes of life often change, boysPage Scan
34Taste not the wine, the ruby winePage Scan
36Poor child of the drunkardPage Scan
38Who hath woe and bitter sighing?Page Scan
39I'll drink no more gin slingPage Scan
40There's an evil in the landPage Scan
42Ye friends and brothers of our causePage Scan
44Rouse ye, rouse ye, friends of temp'rance!Page Scan
46Lo, a brigher day is breakingPage Scan
48From valley and mountain, from hilltop and glenPage Scan
50Come let us sing of fount and spring Page Scan
51Come, friends of temp'rance, ere we partPage Scan
52Real Temp'rance boys and girls are wePage Scan
54Father, leave, oh! leave off drinkingPage Scan
56Dash the wine-cup away! tho' its sparkle should bePage Scan
58Sing we merrilyPage Scan
59O Lord, our Guardian and our StayPage Scan
60Gushing from the fountainPage Scan
62Sound the battle cry!Page Scan
64O come where the moss is growingPage Scan
66Again we raise the festive songPage Scan
68There's a labor to be wroughtPage Scan
69Father, Thou art great and holyPage Scan
70Touch not the wine, the rosy winePage Scan
72When fortune smiles, and friends aboundPage Scan
74Let others rejoice in their sparkling champagnePage Scan
76Up, up with the flag of the cold water clan!Page Scan
78O bravely stand, ye friends of rightPage Scan
79Temperance warrior! faint not, fear notPage Scan
80Shall the glorious Temp'rance ArmyPage Scan
81Sweet Temp'rance like a star appearsPage Scan
82Onward see the car of temp'rancePage Scan
83Let temp'rance and her sons rejoicePage Scan
84King Alcohol has many forms by which he catches menPage Scan
86Rally round the temp'rance bannerPage Scan
87Welcome, brothers, welcome herePage Scan
88There's a dawn to daylight growingPage Scan
90With grateful hearts, O God, to theePage Scan
91Father, in thy love and mercyPage Scan
92Sign your name to the pledgePage Scan
94Hear the Temp'rance callPage Scan
95Water from its fountains gushingPage Scan
96I pray you, my son, "never drink the first dram"Page Scan
99A song, a song for water brightPage Scan
100We have enter'd the field and are ready to fightPage Scan
102Stand up for the cold water fightPage Scan
103Give me a draught from the crystal springPage Scan
104Let others boast of ruby winePage Scan
105For the thousands, Lord, that sufferPage Scan
106We'll take up our stand For the youth of our landPage Scan
108How beautiful the Rain when it twinkles to the plainPage Scan
109Ye friends of temp'rance and self-denyingPage Scan
111Kind friends, I'm glad to meet you herePage Scan
112Will you join us in the battlePage Scan
113Now to heav'n our pray'r ascendingPage Scan
114O, have you heard the glorious news that roundPage Scan
117We are gathering for a right causePage Scan
118aFriends of Temp'rance, welcome herePage Scan
118bWe are gathered for the conflict with earnest hearts and truePage Scan
118cWelcome, welcome to our orderPage Scan
119aWelcome, stranger, to this templePage Scan
119bGod of the Temp'rance causePage Scan
119cGod of Mercy! be thou nearPage Scan
120aHail! all hail! O friends of RightPage Scan
120bCome, friends and brethren, all unitePage Scan
121aNow bound by honor's sacred lawsPage Scan
121bLong live our temple brightPage Scan
121cYe our noble cause foreverPage Scan
121dSparkling and bright, in its liquid lightPage Scan
122aTell we now our new made memberPage Scan
122bHeavenly Father, give thy blessingPage Scan
122cGreat God! hear thou our prayer to-nightPage Scan
122dMay friendship's chain be ever brightPage Scan
122eWhatever station we may fillPage Scan
122fStand up, stand up for Temp'rancePage Scan
123aYes, we in those principles joinPage Scan
123bTrav'ller thro' a world of dangerPage Scan
123cTrav'ller thro' a world of dangerPage Scan
123dBlest be the tie that bindsPage Scan
124aFather of mercies condescendPage Scan
124bGod hears our solemn vowPage Scan
124cSpirit of love, benign and mildPage Scan
124dOnce more we here the pledge renewPage Scan
124eA goodly thing it is to meetPage Scan
125aWelcome sister, to our numberPage Scan

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