Bible Temperance Hymns

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1Ho! sound the tocsin! shout aloud, hurrah!Page Scan
2Nay, touch it not, 'tis poison!Page Scan
3Wand'ring in the paths of follyPage Scan
4The morning light is breakingPage Scan
5Unfurl the Temp'rance Banner Page Scan
6Come, swell the ranks of temp'rancePage Scan
7Stand up, stand up for temp'rancePage Scan
8All hail the temperance morningPage Scan
9We come, dear friends, to profferPage Scan
10The gospel blue, The badge that youPage Scan
11How tenderly Jesus loves usPage Scan
12Come friends and brethren, all unitePage Scan
13Should auld acquaintance be forgotPage Scan
14With banner and with badge we comePage Scan
15I have drank the social glass, boysPage Scan
16How can you drink again, my friendPage Scan
17Something to do--has been ringing todayPage Scan
18Do I refuse? 'Tis but a glass of sparkling winePage Scan
19The heart of home is beamingPage Scan
20Oh! patiently we've waited Page Scan
21From brightest crystal fountainPage Scan
22When my little weeping childPage Scan
23Heavenly Father, give thy blessingPage Scan
24Be thou O God, exalted highPage Scan
25My country, 'tis of theePage Scan
26We come, great God, to theePage Scan
27My country, 'tis for theePage Scan
28Out in the gloomy night sadly I roamPage Scan
29Fill the ranks with soldiers and be ready for the fightPage Scan
30Rally, let us rally and for temperance boldly standPage Scan
31The light of truth is breakingPage Scan
32Say brother, will you join us?Page Scan
33Look at your loved ones my brotherPage Scan
34See the Temperance Banner wavingPage Scan
35Pure thro' the veins the life tide flowsPage Scan
36Touch not the cup, it is death to thy soulPage Scan
37The army of temperance is gathering its menPage Scan
38We will rally in our mightPage Scan
39Friends of temperance, quick to armsPage Scan
40Oh, how sweet 'tis to toilPage Scan
41Let us gather in the childrenPage Scan
42Almost persuaded, now to be freePage Scan
43When the right over wrong shall prevailPage Scan
44There is dawning a glorious dayPage Scan
45Rescue the man who to dram-shops will goPage Scan
46Oh, have you heard the glorious newsPage Scan
47The temp'rance wave, oh, may it rollPage Scan
48Who hath sorrow? who hath woe?Page Scan
49Brother, hast thou wandered farPage Scan
50Hark! the voice of choral songPage Scan
51The wave is rolling far and widePage Scan
52Rally round the temp'rance bannerPage Scan
53Sowing the seed by the daylight fairPage Scan
54Stand firm for temp'rance, nobly standPage Scan
55Only a sister pleading tonightPage Scan
56We're marching to Canaan with banner and songPage Scan
57Let the children come to mePage Scan
58There were ninety and nine that safely layPage Scan
59I saw a wayworn trav'lerPage Scan
60We will work for temp'rance movementsPage Scan
61Drop a glad thanksgiving from your lips to-nightPage Scan
62There's a hope that is richer by farPage Scan
63Ho! my comrades, see the signal Page Scan
64Loose the life boat--set it boundingPage Scan
65Welcome, comrades, glad we greet youPage Scan
66Hear the glorious anthem swellingPage Scan
67We have gathered here to-nightPage Scan
68Sing we merrily, sing we merrilyPage Scan
69Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sinPage Scan
70Hurrah! for sparkling waterPage Scan
71Mother, dear mother, if friends may draw nearPage Scan
72We'll drink no more the beaming winePage Scan
73Now to heav'n our prayers ascendingPage Scan
74Belshazzar is king, Belshazzar is lordPage Scan
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