J. M. Driver

J. M. Driver
Short Name: J. M. Driver
Full Name: Driver, J. M. (John Merritte), 1858-1918
Birth Year: 1858
Death Year: 1918

Born: Feb­ru­a­ry 10, 1857, Jeff­er­son County, Il­li­nois.
Died: June 7, 1918, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.
Buried: Fort Wayne, In­di­a­na.

John Merritte Driver at­tend­ed Il­li­nois Ag­ri­cul­tur­al Coll­ege and Bos­ton Un­i­ver­si­ty. He was or­dained a Meth­od­ist Epis­co­pal min­is­ter and served in Prair­ie, Il­li­nois (as of 1880), and at the Peo­ple’s Church, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois (1902-07). He co-ed­it­ed Songs of the Soul in 1885.

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رواية الحبJohn M. Driver (Author)1
Children children hearJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
Christus erschien, Heil uns! Heil uns!J. M. D. (Author)2
Glorious work of winning soulsJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
Go ask the weeping motherJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
Goodbye,no more on earthJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
Have you made a new resolveJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
Herrliche Kunde vom HerrnJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
Ho sound the tocsin shout aloud hurrahJ. M. D. (Author)3
I am feasting on the loveJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
I feel it a duty to work for himJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
I have drank the social glass, boysJ. M. D. (Author)3
I love thy holy Book, O GodJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
I'm saved, I am, I know I amJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
I'm weary, Lord and long for restJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
Jesus is born, Good news, good newsJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
Let us gather in the childrenJ. Merrite Driver (Author)5
Look at your loved ones my brotherJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
My summons may come in the morningJ. Merrite Driver (Author)4
O for years, his monster evilJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
O list, my son, giveme thine heartJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
Only a sister pleading tonightJ. M. D. (Author)3
Precious Savior long in darknessJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
Precious Savior Lord divineJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
Redemption songs we love to singJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
Something to do, has been ringing todayJ. M. D. (Author)3
Songs of the soulJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
Stand up, stand up for Jesus (Driver)J. Merrite Driver (Author)3
Stand up, stand up for TemperanceJ. Merrite Driver (Author)6
The conscience of childhood is speaking in whispersJ. M. D. (Author)1
The gospel blue, the badge that youJ. M. D. (Author)3
The wave is rolling far and wideJ. M. D. (Author)3
There is dawning a glorious dayJ. Merrite Driver (Author)4
Underbar k'rlek sa storJ. Merrite Driver (Author)5
Weary one, O rest thee hereJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
We'll drink no more the beaming wineJ. M. D. (Author)2
We'll drink no more the beaming wine, we'll be no moreJ. Merrite Driver (Author)2
When my little weeping childJ. Merritte Driver (Author)3
Who can cleanse me from all sinJ. Merrite Driver (Author)3
Wonderful story of love, Tell it to me againJ. M. D. (Author)143
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