Sacred Songs for the Baptist Young People's Union 10th International Convention

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1More like Jesus would I be; Let my Saviour dwell in me
2I wandered in the shades of night, Till Jesus came to me[I wandered in the shades of night]
3There's sunshine in my soul today, More glorious and bright[There's sunshine in my soul to-day]
4We are marching thro' the world's great field[We are marching thro' the world's great field]Text
5Come, ye that love the Lord, And let your joys be known
6Encamped along the hills of light, Ye Christian soldiers, rise
7Day by day the Lord to you is saying
8In Thy name, O blessed Saviour, trusting in Thy grace divine
9O child of God, be true, Be noble, srong and brave
10Like a mighty army, Loyal, true and brave
11Onward, Christian soldiers! Marching as to war
12One more day's work for Jesus, One less of life for me
13To God be the glory, great things He hath done
14O! spread the tidings round, wherever man is found
15When I read the olden story Of the Man of Galilee
16There's a promise from the Lord, Hallelujah!
17We have heard a joyful sound, Jesus saves, Jesus saves
18Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
19The Lord is coming, our Redeemer, King
20Some day the silver cord will break, And earthly dreams and vigils cease
21There'll be no dark valley when Jesus comes
22Down in the valley with my Saviour I would go
23Lonely? no, not lonely While Jesus standeth by
24If the Saviour journey with me, If He be my constant stay
25Saviour, my life is Thine, Receive me nowText
26Speed the gospel on and onward thro' the land we love and claim[Speed the gospel on and onward]
27My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine
28Holy Spirit, Heav'nly Guest, Enter my unworthy breast
29Helpless, I come to Jesus' blood, And all myself resign
30Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty! Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee
30AThe grace of our Lord Jesus Christ[The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ]Text
31When Jesus comes to reward His servants
32O softly the Spirit is whisp'ring to me
33Thro' the shining gate, Where the angels wait
34I will go where Thou wantest me to go , blessed Lord
35Did you hear the loving word? Pass it on[Did you hear the loving word? Pass it on]
36Help me to be holy, O Father of light[Help me to be holy, O Father of light]
37Down at the cross where my Saviour died
38In the cross of Christ, I glory
39Fade, fade each earthly joy, Jesus is mine
40Nearer, my God, to Thee—Nearer to Thee !
41More love to Thee, O Christ!
42Rescue the perishing, Care for the dying
43’Tis the blessed hour of prayer, when our hearts lowly bend
44God be with you till we meet again
45Come, Thou almighty King
46O worship the King all glorious above
47Stand up! stand up for Jesus! Ye soldiers of the cross
48The morning light is breaking
49To the work! to the work! we are servants of God[To the work! to the work!]
50Saviour, while my heart is tender[Saviour, while my heart is tender]
51Forward, forward! Forward go, for the Lord is with thee[Forward, forward! Forward go, for the Lord]
52Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness[Sowing in the morning]
53Work, for the night is coming
54I NEED THEE every hour
55MY FAITH looks up to Thee
56ROCK OF AGES cleft for me
57TAKE the name of Jesus with you
58JESUS, lover of my soul
59JESUS KEEP ME near the Cross
60My country, 'tis of thee
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