The Cherub: a collection of songs for Sabbath schools and Sabbath evenings

Editor: J. C. Johnson
Publisher: Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston, 1863
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by the page number the hymn starts on, if there is more than one hymn on a page, letters are added to the numbers.
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5Zion stands, with hills surroundedPage Scan
6Arise, arise, no more delay!Page Scan
7Soul, though sinful be thy slumberPage Scan
8In robes of light and righteousness arrayedPage Scan
9O how can night's sweet slumber its rest impartPage Scan
10O come to the fountain! from Calvary's brightPage Scan
11In darkest night there shines a starPage Scan
12Yes, my native land, I love theePage Scan
13aKnow you how many stars are shiningPage Scan
13bThe poor ever with thee, Forget not the poorPage Scan
14Beautiful, beautiful all things arePage Scan
15The night is gone, the day is herePage Scan
16How pleasant to see in Sabbath schoolPage Scan
17Up in the sky my cherub fliesPage Scan
18While clouds are so peacefully floatingPage Scan
19Time was,--time is,--time shall bePage Scan
20Could we dwell in Eden's landPage Scan
21Come to New JerusalemPage Scan
22See, where sleeps a weary travelerPage Scan
23I go to Sabbath school, sirPage Scan
24Oh come, ye youthful pilgrimsPage Scan
25Give thanks to the Lord!Page Scan
26Happy he who loves the LordPage Scan
27Gone are ice and snowPage Scan
28Abide with us, Jesus, we prayPage Scan
29This is the year of JubileePage Scan
30On Jordan's banks we joyful standPage Scan
31Christ is the way,--but not for theePage Scan
32Suffer little children to come unto mePage Scan
33When should we cheerful melodies singPage Scan
34Come forth to the Olive mountPage Scan
35All hail the power of Jesus' namePage Scan
36Come ye that love the LordPage Scan
37The morn of Zion's gloryPage Scan
38All that have breath to praise, praise ye the Lord!Page Scan
39In the damp and gloomy cavePage Scan
40Toll the bell! Sexton, toll the bell!Page Scan
41Children of the heavenly KingPage Scan
42Who are these in fair array?Page Scan
43Awake my soul, in joyful laysPage Scan
44While shepherds watch'd their flocks by nightPage Scan
45The Lord of glory is my lightPage Scan
46Amazing grace! how sweet the sound!Page Scan
47Young Fred one day in WinterPage Scan
48Hark, the herald angels singPage Scan
49We wish you all a happy dayPage Scan
50A voice in the wilderness, crying aloudPage Scan
51While, wandering through the churchyard greenPage Scan
52Palms of glory, raiment brightPage Scan
53aNow raise ye to God a glorious song!Page Scan
53bTo thy temple, Lord, inclinePage Scan
54Sound, silver trumpets, but not for the war!Page Scan
55One there is above all othersPage Scan
56Now the daylight fades awayPage Scan
57A pleasant home is mine, I'm surePage Scan
58I love, I love the Holy BookPage Scan
59Peacefully, tranquilly, now he is slumberingPage Scan
60What shall I give my SaviourPage Scan
61I would ever, without ceasingPage Scan
62O stars of radiant beautyPage Scan
63How brightly shone that beauteous starPage Scan
64The army of the Lord Page Scan
65On the green fields treadingPage Scan
66Hark, how the wild bird sings!Page Scan
68When we around the starry thronePage Scan
69The lark pours forth a song of lovePage Scan
70Three strangers passed my door at evePage Scan
71Now I lay me down to sleepPage Scan
72We're coming, dearest pastorPage Scan
73Forgive my sins, I pray theePage Scan
74Angel, strong and gloriousPage Scan
75Arise now, my brethren, and slumber no morePage Scan
76Weary, now, I sink to restPage Scan
77Come to the land that is far, far awayPage Scan
78In the fearful den of lionsPage Scan
80We rise, dear friends, with true delightPage Scan
81The golden rule, the golden rulePage Scan
82How doth the bee, the little busy bee Page Scan
83Were I a little bird, Singing so merrilyPage Scan
84Sound the loud timbrel o'er Egypt's dark seaPage Scan
85The day is come; with cheerful heartPage Scan
86Come gather, come gather, the harvest is herePage Scan
87Little seed, now must you goPage Scan
88The trees went forth to choose them a kingPage Scan
89O glorious city, cast and high!Page Scan
90Life, fare thee well!Page Scan
91Blessed Lord, we pray thee, hear usPage Scan
92Thro' the wood of golden leavesPage Scan
93Must Jesus bear the cross alonePage Scan
94Little child, at heaven's gatePage Scan
95We give to thee, our kind and gracious LordPage Scan
96When thy mother and father forsake theePage Scan
97God, dismiss us with thy blessingPage Scan
98When we have lived ten thousand yearsPage Scan
99Keep me, Lord, this dayPage Scan
100I love to see the blushing rosePage Scan
101Happiness, in fullest measurePage Scan
102Come, ye that love the LordPage Scan
103aGrace! 'tis a charming soundPage Scan
103bAwake and sing the SongPage Scan

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