Carmina Centum: for Sunday schools and gospel meetings

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1Enter in, O Stranger knockingPage Scan
2We love the place, O GodPage Scan
3To Thee, O Comforter divinePage Scan
4Oh! had I my Saviour, the wings of a dovePage Scan
5In Jesus I have found sweet restPage Scan
6Come hither, ye that laborPage Scan
7A little talk with JesusPage Scan
8Are you weary, are you heavy-hearted?Page Scan
9Christ is coming! let creationPage Scan
10God be with you till we meet againPage Scan
11The gracious touch of JesusPage Scan
12"Certainly, I will be with thee!"Page Scan
13Jesus, name all names abovePage Scan
14All hail the friends of truth and right!Page Scan
15Awake! for the trumpet is sounding afarPage Scan
16Lo, the lilies, how they growPage Scan
17God might have made the earth bring forthPage Scan
18Grander than ocean's storyPage Scan
19Crown Him with crowns of goldPage Scan
20Hark! the lilies whisper Page Scan
21Silent night! Silent night!Page Scan
22Just as Thou art, by man deniedPage Scan
23With songs of rejoicing, hosannas and praisePage Scan
24Oh, forgive and forget, for this life is too fleetingPage Scan
25Listen to the joyous strainPage Scan
26Ring out merry bells in the steeplePage Scan
27Standing at the portalPage Scan
28There is a river far more fairPage Scan
29Merrily we sing our songs tonightPage Scan
30Now we wander where the shadowsPage Scan
31Come to Jesus, blest RedeemerPage Scan
32The Lord is my light, then why should I fear?Page Scan
33Come, thou almighty King!Page Scan
34Tell us not the world's a barren wastePage Scan
35Whiter than snow! beautiful snow!Page Scan
36Once I never thought of JesusPage Scan
37Sing of the love of God to mePage Scan
38Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!Page Scan
39Ye workers in God's vineyard Page Scan
40Glory to God in the highest! Page Scan
41Oh how I love the Sabbath schoolPage Scan
42Feet upon the Rock of AgesPage Scan
43At the feet of JesusPage Scan
44I heard the voice of Jesus sayPage Scan
45Ho! ye pilgrims in life's desertPage Scan
46"This same Jesus!" Oh! how sweetlyPage Scan
47Trav'ling to the better landPage Scan
48Nothing, Lord, have I to bring Page Scan
49Beautiful the little handsPage Scan
50Every morning the red sunPage Scan
51Like a river gloriousPage Scan
52Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
53O prodigal, don't stay away!Page Scan
54Cast thy burden on the LordPage Scan
55Is it for me, dear SaviourPage Scan
56All my heart this night rejoicesPage Scan
57Out of my darkness, into thy lightPage Scan
58'Tis sweet to work for JesusPage Scan
59Thy blood, O my Saviour, was poured out for mePage Scan
60I heard a voice, the sweetest voicePage Scan
61Weary of earth and laden with my sinPage Scan
62Come, ye that know and fear the LordPage Scan
63There is a refuge now, I knowPage Scan
64How shall the young secure their heartsPage Scan
65O house of many mansionsPage Scan
66Precious is the name of JesusPage Scan
67What shall be our word for Jesus?[What shall be our word for Jesus?]Page Scan
68They stood alone, our Pilgrim sires!Page Scan
69There is a land of pure delightPage Scan
70Hear His voice, the voice of JesusPage Scan
71I am sitting at Thy boardPage Scan
72I cannot do without theePage Scan
73Jesus is the promised KingPage Scan
74This is not my place of restingPage Scan
75Oft I think of the mansions abovePage Scan
76O Father, let me bear the crossPage Scan
77Friend thou of the friendlessPage Scan
78There is a song I want to singPage Scan
79Behold the Lamb of God!Page Scan
80How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordPage Scan
81Once in royal David's cityPage Scan
82Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God Almighty!Page Scan
83I cannot here content mePage Scan
84Who is on the Lord's side?Page Scan
85They talked of Jesus as they wentPage Scan
86I do not ask for the pride of earthPage Scan
87Come, O come to the mercy seatPage Scan
88Jesus, thou Joy of loving hearts!Page Scan
89He knows His own, JehovahPage Scan
90Up, up, my heart all nature's springingPage Scan
91O Saviour, precious SaviourPage Scan
92Jerusalem the golden!Page Scan
93So tender, so preciousPage Scan
94When thy breastPage Scan
95Have you not a word for Jesus?Page Scan
96When thou wouldst seek thy GodPage Scan
97My Jesus, as thou wilt!Page Scan
98If thou art a friend of JesusPage Scan
99Stand up, stand up for JesusPage Scan
100Soul, arise! and give Christ roomPage Scan
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