A Collection of Gospel, Temperance, and Prohibition Songs, What's the News

Editor: J. G. Dailey
Publisher: The Authors, Brockwayville, Penn., 1888
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d1A business which requires a screen
d2A little childish voice is stilled
d3Ah what joy there will be
d4All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fall
d5All hail, the temperance army
d6Awake, O freeman at the bugle blast
d7Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love
d8Call them in, the lost and lonely
d9Don't you see the white cloud of ballots
d10Fight for prohibition, gird our armor on
d11From far and near this shout we hear
d12Hail, the temperance reformation
d13I entered once a home of care
d14I'm as proken hearted Deutcherman
d15In this world of sin and sorrow
d16I've joined a prohibition club
d17Jesus, Lover [Savior] of my soul, Let me to thy bosom [refuge] fly
d18Joy to the world, the Lord is [has] come
d19Let's vote, yes, vote as we pray, yes, pray
d20My faith looks up to thee, Thou Lamb of Calvary
d21My Republican slippers am laid away
d22My wife and I don't live alone
d23O the day has come at last
d24Of all the strange things that we know
d25Republicans and Democrats, what you gwine to do
d26Savior, do not pass me by
d27Savior, while on earth I tarry
d28Sweet temperance 'tis of thee
d29The Lord is my Father and I am his child
d30The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well supplied
d31The morning light is breaking; the darkness disappears
d32The Republican party awoke one morn
d33There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel's vein [veins]
d34There was an old codger who sat on the fence
d35There'll be joy, glad joy ringing
d36There's a time that is coming at last
d37There's no light in the window for me
d38They tell us that the woods are full
d39Those temperance men may do all they can
d40'Tis the God that fulfills
d41'Twas nigh to a bar that had long been made
d42Watchman, tell us of the night
d43We are cunning license advocates
d44We have heard the wail of women
d45We're tenting tonight on the new camp ground
d46What ails the bloody shirt
d47Who shall abide in thy church on earth
d48You old brandy bottle, I've [we] loved you too long
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