The Christian Harmony

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d1Ah where am I now
d2Ah, whither should I go
d3Ah woe is me constrained to dwell
d4All glory to the Father be
d5Almighty love inspire My heart [soul] with sacred fire [pure desire]
d6Am I a soldier of the cross
d7And is the lovely shadow fled
d8And let this feeble body fail
d9And must I be to judgment brought
d10Arise my dear love, my undefiled dove
d11As shepherds in Jewry were guarding their sheep
d12Attend, ye saints, and hear me tell
d13Away my doubts, begone my fears
d14Begone, unbelief, [for] my [our] Savior is near
d15Behold a lovely vine, Here in this desert
d16Behold how sinners disagree
d17Behold the Savior of mankind
d18Behold with awful pomp
d19Beside the gospel pool Appointed for the poor
d20Children of God who faint and slow
d21Children of the heavenly king as we journey
d22Come, all ye dear souls that [who] are of Adam's loins [line]
d23Come, all ye mourning pilgrims now, The joyful news I'll tell
d24Come, all ye poor sinners that [who] from Adam came
d25Come all ye saints and sinners near [now], Come listen a
d26Come all ye [you] weary travellers
d27Come and taste along with me, consolation and running free
d28Come away to the skies, my beloved, arise
d29Come brethren and sisters, that [who] love my [our] dear Lord
d30Come friends and relations let us [come] join heart and hand
d31Come, let us ascend [attend], my companion and friend
d32Come, Lord, and help me [us] to rejoice
d33Come, thou almighty King, Help us thy name to sing
d34Come thou fount of every blessing
d35Come, ye Christians, sing the praises
d36Come ye [you] sinners, poor and wretched [needy], Weak and wounded
d37Come, ye [you] [we] that [who] love the Lord [Christ], And let your [our] joys
d38Death loud alarms we feel
d39Death, with his dread commission sealed
d40Dressed uniform Christ's soldiers are when duty
d41Encouraged by thy word
d42Enlisted into the cause of sin
d43From all that [who] dwell [dwells] below the [in earth and] skies
d44From the third heaven where God resides
d45From whence doth [does] this [the] union arise
d46Give ear to me, ye sons of men
d47Go, my heralds, blow [sound] the trumpet
d48God of my salvation, hear
d49God's power and wisdom is displayed
d50Hallelujah through the nation
d51Hark, ye mortals, hear the trumpet
d52He dies, the friend of sinners dies
d53How can I sleep when angels sing
d54How charming is the place
d55How firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the Lord
d56How long, dear Savior, O how long
d57How pleased and blest was I
d58How tedious and tasteless [restless and tiresome] the hours
d59How vain are all things here below
d60I AM that I AM, saith Christ the dear Lamb
d61I set myself against the Lord
d62Ill tidings never can surprise his heart
d63In heavenly choirs a question rose
d64Jerusalem, my happy home
d65Jesus grant us all a blessing
d66Jesus I love, come, dearest name
d67Jesus, let thy pitying eye
d68Jesus, Lord, we look to thee
d69Jesus our great High Priest was slain
d70Jesus, thy blessings are not few
d71Join, join in tuneful strains
d72Let Christ, the glorious lover, have everlasting praise
d73Let strife forever cease
d74Let us rise and go to Zion's hill
d75Light of those whose dreary dwelling
d76Lord, thou on earth didst love thine own
d77Mine eyes are now closing to rest
d78My days, my [and] weeks, my [and] months, my [and] years
d79My God, when I reflect
d80My thoughts, that oft ascend [often mount] the skies
d81Now in a song of grateful praise [love]
d82O for a thousand tongues to sing my great [dear] Redeemer's praise
d83O glorious hope of perfect
d84O God, my heart with love inflame
d85O happy souls, how fast you go, and leave me here behind
d86O happy souls, that seek the Lord
d87O Jesus, bruised and wounded more
d88O Jesus, my Savior, to Thee I submit
d89O love divine, how sweet [good] thou art
d90O now begin thy [the] heavenly theme
d91O that some kind one would tell
d92O what a glorious mystery, wonder, wonder, wonder
d93O when shall I [we] see Jesus and dwell [reign] with Him above
d94Of him who did salvation bring I could for ever think and sing
d95Poor mourning souls, in deep distress
d96Remember, sinful youth, you must die
d97Savior, I do feel Thy merit, sprinkled with redeeming blood
d98Savior, visit Thy [our] plantation, grant us Lord, a gracious rain
d99Shall we go on to sin
d100Since Jesus freely [purely] did appear

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