Chapel Hymns: a selection of hymns, with appropriate tunes; adapted to vestry or other social religious meetings

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1While mercy invites you, while Jesus is nearPage Scan
2To-day the Savior calls!Page Scan
3Repent, the voice celestial criesPage Scan
4Lord, how large thy bounties arePage Scan
5Return and come to GodPage Scan
6Lo! on a narrow neck of landPage Scan
7Sov'reign Ruler, Lord of allPage Scan
8Why sinks my soul desponding?Page Scan
[9]Astonish'd and distress'dPage Scan
10Conscious of my ruin'd statePage Scan
11Jesus, incarnate Son of GodPage Scan
12Vain, delusive world, adieuPage Scan
13Ensnared too long, my heart has beenPage Scan
14Come, trembling sinner, in whose breastPage Scan
15Tell me no more of earthly toysPage Scan
16Ah! whither should I goPage Scan
17Awak'd by Sinai's awful soundPage Scan
18Lord, help me to repentPage Scan
19Oh, tell me no more Page Scan
20O Jesus our LordPage Scan
21The trumpet of GodPage Scan
22This solemn truth regard!Page Scan
23Say, sinner, hath a voice withinPage Scan
24And does the Spirit kindly movePage Scan
25Welcome, welcome, great RedeemerPage Scan
26Welcome, O Savior, to my heartPage Scan
27Lord! I am thine, entirely thinePage Scan
28And must I part with all I havePage Scan
29The Savior shed his bloodPage Scan
30Too long have I indulged in sinPage Scan
31May I resolve, with all my heartPage Scan
32Hail, sovereign love, that first beganPage Scan
33Jesus, I my cross have takenPage Scan
34Lord, here I give myself to theePage Scan
35Spirit of holiness look downPage Scan
36O, how divine, how sweet the joyPage Scan
37From Egypt's bondage comePage Scan
38All glory and praisePage Scan
39Saw ye not the cloud arisePage Scan
40Met, O God, to ask thy presencePage Scan
41The gloomy night of sadnessPage Scan
42Though hard the winds are blowingPage Scan
43A thousand years have fleetedPage Scan
44How much the drooping hearts revivePage Scan
45Who are these that come from farPage Scan
46Fount of everlasting love!Page Scan
47The morning light is breakingPage Scan
48Once I tho't my mountain strongPage Scan
49Blessed are the sons of GodPage Scan
50Ye people, awayPage Scan
51Rock of Ages, cleft for mePage Scan
52'Tis a point I long to knowPage Scan
53Wait, my soul, upon the LordPage Scan
54Our Captain leads us onPage Scan
55Soldiers of Christ, arisePage Scan
56Much in sorrow, oft in woePage Scan
57From ev'ry stormy wind that blowsPage Scan
58Heav'nward still our pathway tendsPage Scan
59Steep and thorny is the wayPage Scan
60A charge to keep I havePage Scan
61The Savior bids us watch and prayPage Scan
62God is my strong salvationPage Scan
63What various hindrances we meetPage Scan
64Come, my soul, thy suit preparePage Scan
65Lord, I cannot let thee goPage Scan
66Tho' troubles assailPage Scan
67When any turn from Zion's wayPage Scan
68To Jesus, the crown of my hopePage Scan
69Gently, Lord, oh, gently lead usPage Scan
70Oh, 'tis sweet to mingle, wherePage Scan
71Come, christian brethren! ere we partPage Scan
72By cool Siloam's shady rillPage Scan
73Give me, O God, a contrite heartPage Scan
74Our souls, by love together knitPage Scan
75Zion, drearyPage Scan
76Savior hear usPage Scan
77As flows the rapid riverPage Scan
78Blow ye the trumpet, blowPage Scan
79Forbid it, Lord, that wePage Scan
80Go watch and pray, thou canst not tellPage Scan
81Grieve not the Spirit of the LordPage Scan
82I was a grov'ling creature oncePage Scan
83Take my heart, tis all thine ownPage Scan
84In all my Lord's appointed waysPage Scan
85Let worldly minds the world pursuePage Scan
86Amazing grace! how sweet the soundPage Scan
87Far from us be grief and sadnessPage Scan
88Know, my soul, thy full salvationPage Scan
89Lord, take my heart just as it isPage Scan
90Wilt Thou not, my Shepherd truePage Scan
91Now let our voices joinPage Scan
92People of the living God!Page Scan
93And canst thou, sinner, slightPage Scan
94In brightest hours of blooming youthPage Scan
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