A Collection of Hymns and Prayers, for Public and Private Worship

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1Thou art, O God! a spirit pureTextPage Scan
2What is our God, or what his nameTextPage Scan
3Eternal God, almighty causeTextPage Scan
4Great God, in vain man's narrow viewTextPage Scan
5Great God, how infinite art thou!TextPage Scan
6All-pow'rful, self-existent GodTextPage Scan
7Give to the Lord, ye sons of fameTextPage Scan
8Lord, thou hast search'd and seen me throughTextPage Scan
9Lord, all I am is known to thee!TextPage Scan
10Songs of immortal praise belongTextPage Scan
11Holy and rev'rend is the nameTextPage Scan
12God is a Spirit, just and wiseTextPage Scan
13With eye impartial, heav'n's high KingTextPage Scan
14Thy ceaseless, unexhausted loveTextPage Scan
15Sweet is the mem'ry of thy graceTextPage Scan
16My soul, repeat his praiseTextPage Scan
17Ye sons of men, in sacred laysTextPage Scan
18Amid the splendors of thy stateTextPage Scan
19Father of glory! to thy nameTextPage Scan
20O holy, holy, holy LordTextPage Scan
21Father of all, whose love profoundTextPage Scan
22Hail, great Creator, wise and good!TextPage Scan
23The spacious firmament on highTextPage Scan
24We sing th'almighty pow'r of GodTextPage Scan
25Let the high heav'ns your songs inviteTextPage Scan
26Let the whole race of creatures lieTextPage Scan
27Greatest of beings, source of lifeTextPage Scan
28Through all the various shifting sceneTextPage Scan
29God is the refuge of his saintsTextPage Scan
30Not from relentless fate's dark wombTextPage Scan
31To calm the sorrows of the mindTextPage Scan
32They, that have made their refuge GodTextPage Scan
33And art thou with us, gracious LordTextPage Scan
34Shine on our souls, eternal God!TextPage Scan
35How are thy servants blest, O Lord!TextPage Scan
36Thy way, O God, is in the seaTextPage Scan
37Thy ways, O Lord! with wise designTextPage Scan
38'Tis wisdom, mercy, love divineTextPage Scan
39Ye trembling souls! dismiss your fearsTextPage Scan
40God reigns; events in order flowTextPage Scan
41Before Jehovah's awful throneTextPage Scan
42Ye humble souls, approach your GodTextPage Scan
43Give to our God immortal praise!TextPage Scan
44I'll praise my Maker, whilst I've breathTextPage Scan
45Come, sound his praise abroadTextPage Scan
46Indulgent Father! how divineTextPage Scan
47Long as I live, I'll bless thy nameTextPage Scan
48O bless the Lord, my soul!TextPage Scan
49In glad amazement, Lord, I standTextPage Scan
50Father, how wide thy glories shine!TextPage Scan
51With transport, Lord! we view the pageTextPage Scan
52Songs of praise the angels sangTextPage Scan
53Eternal Pow'r! whose high abodeTextPage Scan
54Bless'd with the joys of innocenceTextPage Scan
55Backward with humble shame we lookTextPage Scan
56Sin hath a thousand treacherous artsTextPage Scan
57When in the light of faith divineTextPage Scan
58Why should this earth delight us so?TextPage Scan
59What are possessions, fame, and powerTextPage Scan
60How long shall dreams of creature-blissTextPage Scan
61Indulgent God! with pitying eyeTextPage Scan
62Raise, thoughtless sinner, raise thine eyeTextPage Scan
63Ah, how shall fallen manTextPage Scan
64Though I should seek to wash me cleanTextPage Scan
65Ere the blue heavens were stretch'd abroadTextPage Scan
66Bright King of glory, dreadful God!TextPage Scan
67Thee we adore, Eternal Word!TextPage Scan
68Behold the man! how glorious he!TextPage Scan
69On Judah's plains as shepherds satTextPage Scan
70Hark, the glad sound, the Savior comesTextPage Scan
71Raise your triumphant songsTextPage Scan
72Joy to the world; the Lord is come!TextPage Scan
73High let us swell our tuneful notesTextPage Scan
74Give thanks to God most highTextPage Scan
75My song shall bless the Lord of allTextPage Scan
76Ye saints, proclaim abroadTextPage Scan
77Behold my servant, see him riseTextPage Scan
78How sweetly flow'd the gospel's soundTextPage Scan
79Brightest and best of the sons of the morning!TextPage Scan
80My dear Redeemer, and my Lord!TextPage Scan
81Behold, where in a mortal formTextPage Scan
82God of my mercy and my praise!TextPage Scan
83"Father divine," the Savior criedTextPage Scan
84And is the gospel peace and love?TextPage Scan
85Come, let our mournful songs recordTextPage Scan
86Behold the Savior of mankindTextPage Scan
87'Twas for our sake, eternal GodTextPage Scan
88And shall we still be slavesTextPage Scan
89How condescending and how kindTextPage Scan
90Come, let us join our cheerful songsTextPage Scan
91Author of life and bliss!TextPage Scan
92Hark! the voice of love and mercyTextPage Scan
93He dies, the friend of sinners dies!TextPage Scan
94Ye humble souls, that seek the LordTextPage Scan
95Christ, the Lord, is ris'n to-dayTextPage Scan
96See what a living stoneTextPage Scan
97Yes, the Redeemer roseTextPage Scan
98"The Lord is risen indeed"TextPage Scan
99The Lord of life, with glory crown'dTextPage Scan
100Now let us raise our cheerful strainsTextPage Scan

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