A Collection of Hymns and Prayers, for Public and Private Worship

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101O the delights, the heav'nly joysTextPage Scan
102Lord, didst thou die, but not for me?TextPage Scan
103Far from thy fold, O God, my feetTextPage Scan
104How sad our state by nature is!TextPage Scan
105I send the joys of earth awayTextPage Scan
106By various maxims, forms, and rulesTextPage Scan
107Sing to the Lord, who loud proclaimsTextPage Scan
108In vain would boasting reason findTextPage Scan
109Grace! 'tis a charming sound!TextPage Scan
110Self rightous souls on works relyTextPage Scan
111Not all the blood of beastsTextPage Scan
112Enslav'd by sin, and bound in chainsTextPage Scan
113Hail! my ever blessed JesusTextPage Scan
114Awake, my soul, in joyful laysTextPage Scan
115My hope, my all, my Savior thouTextPage Scan
116Infinite grace! and can it beTextPage Scan
117Where shall the tribes of Adam findTextPage Scan
118Lamb of God, we fall before theeTextPage Scan
119Oh, for a thousand tongues to singTextPage Scan
120Lord, we confess our numerous faultsTextPage Scan
121Jesus, my Savior, Brother, FriendTextPage Scan
122O thou God of my salvationTextPage Scan
123Dearest of all the names aboveTextPage Scan
124Plung'd in a gulf of dark despairTextPage Scan
125Now begin the heav'nly themeTextPage Scan
126How beauteous are their feetTextPage Scan
127To our Redeemer's glorious nameTextPage Scan
128Bright source of everlasting love!TextPage Scan
129Lord, should we leave thy hallow'd feetText InfoTextPage Scan
130Is there on earth a nobler nameTextPage Scan
131Eternal Spirit! we confessTextPage Scan
132Come, gracious Spirit, heav'nly DoveTextPage Scan
133Come, holy Spirit, heav'nly DoveTextPage Scan
134Forever blessed be the LordTextPage Scan
135Sure the blest Comforter is nighTextPage Scan
136Amidst a world of hopes and fearsTextPage Scan
137O that the Lord would guide my waysTextPage Scan
138Now is th' accepted timeTextPage Scan
139Come, ye sinners, poor and wretchedTextPage Scan
140What could your Redeemer doTextPage Scan
141Let ev'ry ear attendTextPage Scan
142Jehovah's grace, how full, how freeTextPage Scan
143What language now salutes the earTextPage Scan
144O what amazing words of graceTextPage Scan
145Hark! 'tis the Savior's voice I hearTextPage Scan
146Come hither, all ye weary souls!TextPage Scan
147The Savior calls; let ev'ry earTextPage Scan
148See, from Zion's sacred mountainTextPage Scan
149Ye wretched, hungry, starving poorTextPage Scan
150Ye hearts with youthful vigor warmTextPage Scan
151Amazing sight, the savior standsTextPage Scan
152Jesus, thy blessings are not fewTextPage Scan
153Return, O wanderer, returnTextPage Scan
154Behold the wretch whose lust and wineTextPage Scan
155Bless'd are the humble souls, who seeTextPage Scan
156Blest are the undefil'd in heartTextPage Scan
157The man is ever blestTextPage Scan
158Sinners, this solemn truth regard!TextPage Scan
159Come, humble sinner, in whose breastTextPage Scan
160Life is the time to serve the LordTextPage Scan
161Hasten, O sinner, to be wiseTextPage Scan
162My barns are full, my stores increaseTextPage Scan
163Come, said Jesus' sacred voiceTextPage Scan
164How vain are all things here below!TextPage Scan
165How short and ahsty is our life!TextPage Scan
166Man has a soul of vast desiresTextPage Scan
167The time is short! the season nearTextPage Scan
168Say, sinner, hath a voice withinTextPage Scan
169My soul, the minutes haste awayTextPage Scan
170Awake, awake, my sluggish soulTextPage Scan
171There is a voice of sovereign graceTextPage Scan
172Sinners! the voice of God regardTextPage Scan
173Why will ye lavish out your yearsTextPage Scan
174Ye sons of Adam, vain and youngTextPage Scan
175Come to the house of pray'rTextPage Scan
176Lord! shed a beam of heavenly dayTextPage Scan
177Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sinTextPage Scan
178Prostrate, dear Jesus! at thy feetTextPage Scan
179God of mercy! God of grace!TextPage Scan
180With tears of anguish I lamentTextPage Scan
181Ah, what can I, a sinner doTextPage Scan
182My former hopes are fledTextPage Scan
183Come, my soul, thy suit prepareTextPage Scan
184O Lord, my God, in mercy turnTextPage Scan
185Lord, at thy feet I prostrate fallTextPage Scan
186With melting heart and weeping eyesTextPage Scan
187Show pity, Lord! O Lord, forgive!TextPage Scan
188O thou! that hear'st the sinners cry!TextPage Scan
189My gracious, loving LordTextPage Scan
190Jesus, full of all compassionTextPage Scan
191Father of mercies, God of love!TextPage Scan
192To thee, O God! my pray'r ascendsTextPage Scan
193God, my supporter and my hopeTextPage Scan
194Lord, at thy feet in dust I lieTextPage Scan
195To God the only wiseTextPage Scan
196O thou, whose tender mercy hearsTextPage Scan
197O when wilt thou my Savior be!TextPage Scan
198Oppress'd with guilt, or grief, or careTextPage Scan
199The Spirit, in our heartsTextPage Scan
200Faith adds new charms to earthly blissTextPage Scan

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