The Catholic Hymn Book: a collection of hymns, anthems, etc. for all holydays of obligation and devotion throughout the year

Publisher: Edward Dunigan & Bro., New York, 1851
Denomination: Roman Catholic Church
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by the page number the hymn starts on, if there is more than one hymn on a page, letters are added to the numbers.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
156Lord! let me shun whatever thingsPage Scan
158O Thou, the Heaven's eternal King!Page Scan
159Son of the Highest, deign to castPage Scan
160My God, accept my heart this dayPage Scan
161Hail, holy Virgin! Mary--Hail!Page Scan
164Rose of the Cross, thou mystic flower!Page Scan
165Daughter of David, ever fairPage Scan
166Holy of holies! rend the veilPage Scan
168Gate of immortal blissPage Scan
169Star of the morning, like an eyePage Scan
170Light, Light, Infinite Light!Page Scan
171Head of the Hosts in glory!Page Scan
174Joy of my heart! O let me payPage Scan
178Depart awhile, each thought of carePage Scan
179Come, O Creator Spirit!Page Scan
180Dear Lord! prepare our souls, and trainPage Scan
181Come Holy Ghost, and through each heartPage Scan
182O Thou eternal Source of love!Page Scan
183The Lord himself, the mighty GodPage Scan
184Children of the Heavenly King Page Scan
185Sing ye praises to the Lord, AlleluiaPage Scan
186O Lord! another day is flownPage Scan
187Mild and serene, ye angels, appearPage Scan
188The youth who wealth and courts despisedPage Scan
190O ye angelic bands, attend!Page Scan
192Let the deep organ swell the layPage Scan
193aWith grateful hearts, let's all combinePage Scan
193bO turn to Jesus, Mother! turnPage Scan
195Dear Angel! ever at my sidePage Scan
198Whilst I dwell, O my God, in this valley of tearsPage Scan
200Have mercy on us, God Most High!Page Scan
202Dear Little One! how sweet Thou artPage Scan
205O come and mourn with me awhilePage Scan
207Why is thy face so lit with smilesPage Scan
210No track is on the sunny skyPage Scan
214O mighty Mother! why that lightPage Scan
218Mother of Mercy! day by dayPage Scan
219Sing, sing, ye Angel BandsPage Scan
220In pulses deep of threefold LovePage Scan
222Faith of our Fathers! living stillPage Scan
224O it is hard to work for GodPage Scan
227O see how Jesus trusts HimselfPage Scan
231O how the thought of God attractsPage Scan
234My God! how wonderful Thou artPage Scan
236All hail! dear Conqueror! all hail!Page Scan
238O Queen of Sorrows! raise thine eyes!Page Scan
241O Faith! thou workest miraclesPage Scan
243Come, let us with glad musicPage Scan
248Father of highest majestyPage Scan
254aMother! to thee myself I yieldPage Scan
254bDear Jesu! as I wake be nighPage Scan
254cAngel Guardian! guard me sleepingPage Scan
255Angel! whom GodPage Scan
256To God the Father glory bePage Scan

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