A Collection of Hymns, for the Christian Church and Home

Editor: James Flint
Publisher: James Munroe and Company, Boston, 1843
Denomination: General Convention of Universalists in the United States
Language: English
Notes: Following the hymns is a section of Closing Hymns, Ascriptions, and Sacred Airs. Pages 271-272 and 413-414 are missing from the page scans.
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201The Spirit, in our heartsPage Scan
202How beautiful their feetPage Scan
203Behold, where, breathing love divinePage Scan
204Behold, where, in a mortal formPage Scan
205As Christ hath done, so would we doPage Scan
206My dear Redeemer, and my Lord!Page Scan
207And is the gospel peace and love?Page Scan
208"See how he loved," exclaimed the JewsPage Scan
209Happy the souls who first believedPage Scan
210Restore, O Father, to our times restorePage Scan
211The saints of earth and those abovePage Scan
212From north and south, from east and westPage Scan
213Dark, dark indeed the grave would bePage Scan
214Hail to the Lord's Anointed!Page Scan
215Mark the soft-falling snowPage Scan
216The heavens declare thy glory, Lord!Page Scan
217Let mountains from their seats be hurledPage Scan
218On thy church, O Power Divine!Page Scan
219O thou unknown, almighty CausePage Scan
220My soul before thee prostrate liesPage Scan
221Yes! prayer is strong, and God is goodPage Scan
222Beyond expression blest is hePage Scan
223God of mercy! God of love!Page Scan
224The wandering star and fleeting windPage Scan
225Show pity Lord! O Lord, forgive!Page Scan
226O sinner! bring not tears alonePage Scan
227As o'er the past my memory straysPage Scan
228Forth from the dark and stormy skyPage Scan
229Lord! teach us how to pray arightPage Scan
230Return, my soul, unto thy rest!Page Scan
231How long shall dreams of earthly blissPage Scan
232O blessed souls are theyPage Scan
233O Thou, the wretched's sure retreatPage Scan
234Times without number have I prayedPage Scan
235Source of love, and light of day!Page Scan
236Lord! I believe; thy power I ownPage Scan
237O for a closer walk with GodPage Scan
238My gracious God! I own thy rightPage Scan
239Forth in thy name , O Lord, I goPage Scan
240Fountain of light and living breathTextPage Scan
241Lord! bring me to resignPage Scan
242In all thy dealings, gracious God!Page Scan
243My God! permit me not to bePage Scan
244Far from the world, O Lord, I fleePage Scan
245Prayer is the soul's sincere desirePage Scan
246Sweet is the prayer whose holy streamPage Scan
247Truly the light of morn is sweetPage Scan
248In life's gay morn when sprightly youthPage Scan
249Happy is he whose early yearsPage Scan
250In the soft season of thy youthPage Scan
251By cool Siloam's shady rillPage Scan
252Awake my soul! stretch every nervePage Scan
253Awake, my soul! lift up thine eyesPage Scan
254Assist us, Lord! to act, to bePage Scan
255A charge to keep I havePage Scan
256Ah, wretched souls, who still remainPage Scan
257So let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
258Go, suffering habitant of earth!Page Scan
259Salt of the earth, ye virtuous fewPage Scan
260Sow in the morn thy seedPage Scan
261Be ours man's highest wisdom herePage Scan
262Father of light! conduct our feetPage Scan
263Blest are the pure in heartPage Scan
264Who shall behold the King of kingsPage Scan
265Father of eternal love!Page Scan
266Great God! thy peerless excellencePage Scan
267The Lord is just; he made the chainPage Scan
268Who shall to thy chosen seatPage Scan
269The uplifted eye and bended kneePage Scan
270As body when the soul has fledPage Scan
271My soul, abjure the accursed throng
272O 'tis a lovely thing to see
273Patience, O 'tis a grace divinePage Scan
274Happy the man whose cautious stepsPage Scan
275All-seeing God! 'tis thine to knowPage Scan
276Zeal is that pure and heavenly flamePage Scan
277Let party strife no morePage Scan
278O God, our Father and our King!Page Scan
279Father of mercies! send thy gracePage Scan
280Benignant Saviour! 't was not thinePage Scan
281How sweet, how heavenly is the sightPage Scan
282Blest is the tie that bindsPage Scan
283O, what a happy, lovely sightPage Scan
284How beautiful the sightPage Scan
285Spirit of peace! who, as a dovePage Scan
286Lord, from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
287How blest the sacred tie that bindsPage Scan
288Quiet, Lord, my froward heartPage Scan
289My God! my Father! blissful name!Page Scan
290Whoe'er, with humble fearPage Scan
291Is there ambition in my heart?Page Scan
292"O learn of me!" the Savior criedPage Scan
293Wherefore should man, frail child of clayPage Scan
294Happy the unrepining poorPage Scan
295With mines of wealth are sinners poorPage Scan
296How blest are they who always keepPage Scan
297Lord! how secure and blest are theyPage Scan
298How happy is the Christian's mind!Page Scan
299O happy souls that soar on highPage Scan
300How happy is he born and taughtPage Scan

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