Collection of Hymns Designed for the use of the Church of Christ by the Reformed Mennonite Church

Editor: John Reist
Publisher: Intelligencer Printing House, Lancaster, Penn., 1949
Denomination: Reformed Mennonite Church
Language: English
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d1A brother, Lord, we would ordain
d2A church was established on earth here below
d3A friend we loved has passed away
d4A star was seen, a song was heard
d5A stream throughout this region
d6A sure foundation I have found
d7Abide with us, O Savior kind and dear
d8According to Thy will, dear Lord
d9Again God's glorious sun has set
d10All ye sinners, poor and needy
d11Almighty Father, kind and true
d12Another day is gone and past
d13Awake, O my soul, to sweet raptures of love
d14Awaken from your slumber
d15Be faithful to your Savior
d16Be faithful to your Savior's call
d17Be joyful in faith and the bonds of true love
d18Behold how pleasant and how good that we, one Lord
d19Behold upon Mount Zion
d20Beloved fellow pilgrims
d21Blest is the saint's abode
d22By thy grace thou hast permitted
d23Celestial thought, impulse divine
d24Christ Jesus the Shepherd through infinite love
d25Christ's yoke I'll bear in spirit meek
d26Come, all [ye] you weary [mourning] pilgrims
d27Come and seek the Lord of glory
d28Come, O ye precious souls, why will ye perish
d29Come, ye who love to sing
d30Comfort ye the brokenhearted
d31Dear brethren abd sisters, again we must part
d32Dear Lord, be with us here below
d33Dear sister, thou hast gone
d34Dear sister, we lay thee to rest in the tomb
d35Distressed but not by Christ forsaken
d36Dost thou heed those tender callings
d37Enlivened nature's spacious field
d38Eternal Truth, thou theme divine
d39Faint not, O my soul, when this body of clay
d40Fainting traveler, troubled spirit
d41Faith is a shield and substance great
d42Farewell, brother, thou hast left us
d43Farewell, O my most beloved
d44Father of mercies, we desire
d45From the depth I call to Thee
d46Give to God due adoration
d47Glorious tidings, Christ has risen
d48God's precious gift, his only Son
d49Gracious Lord, we come before thee
d50Grant unto us thy wisdom, Lord
d51Had Christ alone the cross to bear
d52He that hath the Son hath life
d53Heavenly Father, be thou near
d54Heavenly Father, God of love, we raise
d55Help us, Lord, to trust in thee
d56Hope is the anchor for my soul
d57How blest are God's people
d58How couldst thou show such favor, Lord
d59How many souls have passed this day
d60How sweet thou art, O heavenly rest
d61How truly wise to yield ourselves to God
d62I am a valiant pilgrim
d63In faith I look to thee
d64In prospect of future delight
d65In thee dear Lord, we do confide
d66In times of distress we should never despair
d67In union's bond of peace and love
d68I've found the great salvation stream
d69Jehovah speaks, O may we hear
d70Jesus' name, how sweet it sounds
d71Jesus, O loving Friend, Helper divine
d72Jesus, thou didst kindly lead us
d73Let no dark clouds obscure our sight
d74Let thy blessing, Lord, be with us
d75Lo I have found the true foundation
d76Lord, bless these souls who here this day
d77Lord, bless Thy word, this day declared
d78Lord, bless us as we meet this day
d79Lord, I am weak and failings oft oppress
d80Lord, in thy holy name we meet
d81Lord, keep me near to thee
d82Lord, may thy grace this day attend
d83Lord, thou wilt our Shepherd be
d84Lord, thy goodness we adore
d85Lord, thy help we now implore
d86Lord, unto thy gracious throne
d87Man and chief of God's creation
d88May peace and love with us abound
d89May we now sing with one accord
d90Mortal man, O transient creature
d91Most gracious Father, kind and true
d92My mind to warmer thoughts give place
d93My soul, the wondrous sight surveys
d94My time is flying swiftly on
d95Now after communion, in harmony sweet
d96Now parting, dear brethren, may each one accord
d97O blessed hope, like angel sent
d98O blessed infant, thou art gone
d99O bond of sweet union, how blest to behold
d100O dear Redeemer, we are thine

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