Christian Hymns for Public and Private Worship: a collection compiled by a committee of the Cheshire Pastoral Association (11th ed.)

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501Brother, though from yonder skyPage Scan
502Clay to clay, and dust to dustPage Scan
503When life's tempestuous storms are o'erPage Scan
504Unveil thy bosom, faithful tombPage Scan
505Brother, rest from sin and sorrowPage Scan
506Why do we mourn departing friendsPage Scan
507Why should we start and fear to diePage Scan
508Why, weep for those, frail child of woePage Scan
509How blest the righteous when he diesPage Scan
510Deem not that they are blest alonePage Scan
511Affliction is a stormy deepPage Scan
512Not for the pious dead we weepPage Scan
513Let others boast how strong they bePage Scan
514Brother, thou art gone to restPage Scan
515Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languishPage Scan
516Go, spirit of the sainted deadPage Scan
517This place is holy groundPage Scan
518Naked as from the earth we camePage Scan
519Deathless spirit, now arisePage Scan
520Thou art gone to the gravePage Scan
521Hear what the voice from heaven proclaimsPage Scan
522Lift not thou the wailing voicePage Scan
523Behold the western evening lightPage Scan
524My God, I thank thee, may no thoughtPage Scan
525Friend after friend departsPage Scan
526Sweet is the thought, the promise sweetPage Scan
527O stay thy tears, for they are blestPage Scan
528I looked upon the righteous manPage Scan
529How sweet the hour of closing dayPage Scan
530Cease, ye mourners, cease to languishPage Scan
531Ye golden lamps of heaven, farewellPage Scan
532O for the death of thosePage Scan
533If death our friends and us dividePage Scan
534There is a place of sacred restPage Scan
535All nature dies, and lives againPage Scan
536There is a region lovelier farPage Scan
537There is an hour of hallowed peacePage Scan
538I'll praise my Maker with my breathPage Scan
539There is a land mine eye hath seenPage Scan
540There is an hour of peaceful restPage Scan
541In vain the fancy strives to paintPage Scan
542Eternal God, how frail is manPage Scan
543The God of mercy will indulgePage Scan
544What though the arm of conquering deathPage Scan
545Go to the grave in all thy glorious primePage Scan
546Pastor, thou art from us takenPage Scan
547Servant of God, well done, restPage Scan
548While you with mournful thoughts deplorePage Scan
549When called, O Lord, to mourn the doomPage Scan
550O for a firm and lively faithPage Scan
551Dark, dark indeed the grave would bePage Scan
552In the broad fields of heavenPage Scan
553Father, gathered round the bierPage Scan
554Brother, thou art gone before usPage Scan
555How short and hasty is our lifePage Scan
556Lord, what a feeble piecePage Scan
557Teach me the measure of my daysPage Scan
558As flows the rapid riverPage Scan
559Time is winging us awayPage Scan
560How swiftly the torrent rollsPage Scan
561How swift, alas, the moments flyPage Scan
562The hour of my departure's comePage Scan
563Through sorrow's night and danger's pathPage Scan
564Like shadows gliding o'er the plainPage Scan
565O what is life, 'tis like a flowerPage Scan
566Beneath our feet and o'er our headPage Scan
567Life is the time to serve the LordPage Scan
568Alas how poor and little worthPage Scan
569Weak and irresolute is manPage Scan
570Thee we adore, eternal namePage Scan
571I would not live alway; I ask not to stayPage Scan
572Vital spark of heavenly flamePage Scan
573Spirit, leave thine house of clayPage Scan
574Hark! from the tombs a warning soundPage Scan
575I cannot shun the stroke of deathPage Scan
576There is a calm for those who weepPage Scan
577When the vale of death appearsPage Scan
578Through the night air stealingPage Scan
579When bending o'er the brink of lifePage Scan
580Gently, my Saviour! let me downPage Scan
581Our sins, alas! how strong they bePage Scan
582My Father's house on highPage Scan
583Our country is Immanuel's groundPage Scan
584What must it be to dwell abovePage Scan
585The dove let loose in eastern skiesPage Scan
586When we pass through yonder riverPage Scan
587What sinners value, I resignPage Scan
588Jerusalem, my happy homePage Scan
589O when the hours of life are pastPage Scan
590There is a land of pure delightPage Scan
591High in yonder realms of lightPage Scan
592On Jordan's stormy banks I standPage Scan
593As twilight's gradual veil is spreadPage Scan
594Far from these narrow scenes of nightPage Scan
595O for a sweet, inspiring rayPage Scan
596O where shall rest be foundPage Scan
597Who are these in bright arrayPage Scan
598I praised the earth in beauty seenPage Scan
599There is a house not made with handsPage Scan
600O most delightful hour by manPage Scan

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