The Christian Lyre: adapted for use in families, prayer meetings, and revivals of religion

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1While with ceaseless course the sunBENEVENTOPage Scan
2Sinners, turn, why will ye diePage Scan
3Hearts of stone, relent, relentMOUNT CALVARYPage Scan
4"Mercy, O thou son of David!"BARTIMEUSPage Scan
5Gently, Lord, O gently lead usGREENVILLEPage Scan
6One there is, above all othersPage Scan
7Once, O Lord, thy garden flourish'dPage Scan
8Toss'd upon life's raging billowMIDDLETONPage Scan
9Light of those whose dreary dwellingPage Scan
10'Tis a point I long to knowCHASEPage Scan
11Hasten, sinner, to be wisePage Scan
12Seek, my soul, the narrow gatePage Scan
13O when shall I see JesusCHRISTIAN SOLDIERPage Scan
14Brethren, while we sojourn hereHEAVENLY HOMEPage Scan
15Sinners, will you scorn the messageLITTLETONPage Scan
16Awake, my soul, to joyful laysLOVING KINDNESSPage Scan
17From Greenland's icy mountainsMISSIONARY HYMNPage Scan
18There's a friend above all othersWELSH MELODYPage Scan
19Awaked by Sinai's awful soundGANGESPage Scan
20Though troubles assail, and dangers affrightCONFIDENCEPage Scan
21aChildren of the heavenly KingWARRENPage Scan
21bNow begin the heavenly themePage Scan
21cWhen, my Savior, shall I bePage Scan
21dJesus comes with all his gracePage Scan
22The voice of free graceSCOTLANDPage Scan
23Wake [wake], isles of the southPage Scan
24Farewell, dear friends, I must be gonePILGRIM'S FAREWELLPage Scan
25O turn ye, O turn ye, for why will ye dieEXPOSTULATIONPage Scan
26Alas! and did my Savior bleed?SUFFERING SAVIORPage Scan
27Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise theeVESPER HYMNPage Scan
28Far from mortal cares retreatingPage Scan
29The Lord into his garden comesGARDEN HYMNPage Scan
30Let thy Kingdom, blessed SaviorGOOD SHEPHERDPage Scan
31Lo! on a narrow neck of landWILLOWBYPage Scan
32How happy is the pilgrim's lotPage Scan
33In songs of sublime adoration and praiseZION'S PILGRIMPage Scan
34Vain delusive world adieuMENDONPage Scan
35Hark, how the gospel trumpet soundsGOSPEL TRUMPETPage Scan
36O for a closer walk with GodWOODSTOCKPage Scan
37This is the day when Christ arosePage Scan
38See Israel's gentle Shepherd standPage Scan
39The chariot! The chariot! Its wheels roll in fireTHE TRUMPETPage Scan
40Ye wretched, hungry, starving poorINVITATIONPage Scan
41aSovereign grace has power aloneSOVEREIGN GRACEPage Scan
41bSinner, rouse thee from thy sleepPage Scan
41cSing, my soul, his wondrous lovePage Scan
42People of the living GodHAVENPage Scan
43Jesus, lover of my soulPage Scan
44O that my load of sin were goneFORESTPage Scan
45My hope, my all, my Savior, ThouPage Scan
46aThe host of heaven that throne surroundingMARSEILLESPage Scan
46bCome to JesusCOME AND WELCOMEPage Scan
47Attend, ye saints, and hear me tellHEAVENLY UNIONPage Scan
48Jerusalem, my happy homeJERUSALEMPage Scan
49Jesus, I love thy charming nameSPRINGPage Scan
50O God, thy gifts of tender lovePage Scan
51Though hard the winds are blowingCHEERFUL HOPEPage Scan
52Here, at this pool, the poorTHE GOSPEL POOLPage Scan
53Hark, my soul--it is the Lord!LOVEST THOU MEPage Scan
54Meet and right it is to singTHORNCLIFFPage Scan
55O thou in whose presence my soul takes delightSOLICITUDEPage Scan
56O there will be mourning, mourning, mourning, mourningJUDGMENTPage Scan
57Time flies, man diedPROVIDENCEPage Scan
58When for eternal worlds we steerFAVORING GALEPage Scan
59To heaven I'm bound with prosperous galesPage Scan
60How happy are theyHAPPINESSPage Scan
61I'm not ashamed to own my LordMORAVIAN HYMNPage Scan
62aAm I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
62bHow peaceful is the closing sceneTHE CLOSING SCENEPage Scan
63Depth of mercy! can there beSINCERITYPage Scan
64Lord, how large thy bounties arePage Scan
65Come, ye weary souls opprestPage Scan
66Hail the blest morn! See the great MediatorSTAR IN THE EASTPage Scan
67aMy friends, I bid you all adieuFAREWELLPage Scan
67bIf life's pleasures charm thee, gived them not thy heartTHE ROCK OF OUR SALVATIONPage Scan
68The day of death's a dreadful dayFUNERAL THOUGHTPage Scan
69Thro' sorrow's night and danger's pathPage Scan
70My soul would fain indulge a hopePage Scan
71Oh no, we cannot sing the songsTHE CAPTIVE'S SONGPage Scan
72O thou who driest the mourner's tearPage Scan
73My days, my weeks, my months, my yearsREFLECTIONPage Scan
74How lost was my conditionGOOD PHYSICIANPage Scan
75I'll try to prove faithfulTHE RESOLVEPage Scan
76Stop, poor sinner, stop and thinkWARNING VOICEPage Scan
77Sinner, hath a voice withinPage Scan
78Father, I long, I faint to seeHEAVENLY LOVEPage Scan
79Father of mercies, in thy wordPage Scan
80Blest be the dear, uniting lovePage Scan
81Sinner, is thy heart at restFAIRFAXPage Scan
82Sinner, art thou still secure?Page Scan
83Seek, my soul, the narrow gatePage Scan
84From whence doth this union ariseUNION HYMNPage Scan
85There is a land of pure delightMELODYPage Scan
86What is the thing of greatest pricePage Scan
87Ye saints, assist me in my songPage Scan
88Awake, and sing the songWALBRIDGEPage Scan
89Now is the accepted timePage Scan
90My Jesus Thou hast taughtPage Scan
91Holy Ghost, dispel our sadnessDOUGLASSPage Scan
92Though in the outward church belowHARVEST HOMEPage Scan

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