Crystal Notes: a choice collection of new temperance hymns and songs for red, white and blue ribbon clubs, gospel meetings, and every phase of the temperance work...

Editor: Frank M. Davis
Publisher: Leslie & Mahaffey, Altoona, Penn., 1878
Language: English
Notes: Numbers are the page numbers the hymn starts on. If two hymns start on the same page, letters are added after the page number.
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3Gather, ye freemen allPage Scan
4Only thro' Thee, Lord, we gatherPage Scan
5Living for Jesus, earnest and faithfulPage Scan
6I was in utter bondagePage Scan
7On, on, to the rescue, On, brothers, onPage Scan
8O see our columns marching on with cheerful steps and happy songPage Scan
9Go tell the wandererPage Scan
10See, brothers, see, how the cause speeds onPage Scan
11As you pass along the street, you will frequent chances meetPage Scan
12In the rifted Rock I'm restingPage Scan
13We're coming, we're coming with banners unfurledPage Scan
14There's a labor to be wroughtPage Scan
15Oh, do not trust the tempterPage Scan
16There is death in the cupPage Scan
17Raise the gleaming banner highPage Scan
18We'll sign the pledge tonight, boys!Page Scan
19In the Gospel's sweet old storyPage Scan
20Tie on the ribbon of bluePage Scan
21Yield not to temptationPage Scan
22Flowers in beauty and fragrancePage Scan
23Stand by the blue, Ever be truePage Scan
24Out through all our great ColumbiaPage Scan
25Wake the anthem of deliverancePage Scan
26Come all ye true friends of the nationPage Scan
27Onward, onward, band victoriousPage Scan
28See the sparkling waterPage Scan
29Here's to the crystal cupPage Scan
30Another one has signed the pledgePage Scan
31Strength for today, that the weary heartsPage Scan
32Come, merrily join in our Temperance songPage Scan
33Banish the deadly cupPage Scan
34Our Fatherland for Temp'rancePage Scan
35I lay my sins on JesusPage Scan
36The Temp'rance ship is lyingPage Scan
38Grandly our armies are risingPage Scan
40Sailing o'er life's oceanPage Scan
41Nearer, my God, to TheePage Scan
42Thirsty flower, hark the soundPage Scan
43Out the sea 'mid stormy galesPage Scan
44Now's the time, be up and doingPage Scan
45Don't cross the line, boys!Page Scan
46In a bright home resplendent with beautyPage Scan
48Oh! rumseller, do you remember the dayPage Scan
51'Tis the glorious day of daysPage Scan
52Here we are an earnest throngPage Scan
53God speed the day when all mankindPage Scan
54Who the wrecks of drink can numberPage Scan
55The hosts of sin are very strongPage Scan
56Scattering in patience, waiting for the growingPage Scan
57We used to drink the sparkling winePage Scan
58The glorious time is comingPage Scan
60Long the world has slept unheedingPage Scan
61Tie on the Red RibbonPage Scan
62When you see a fellow creaturePage Scan
63See the enemy advancingPage Scan
64By the wayside as we goPage Scan
65I dream tonight of home so brightPage Scan
66Yield not to the tempterPage Scan
67How many a household with sadnessPage Scan
68Oh must we leave the old homePage Scan
70Many a little one wandersPage Scan
72You know very well that the people who drinkPage Scan
73Lord bless our Temp'rance bandPage Scan
74A small affair the bows we wearPage Scan
75I hear a sound of singingPage Scan
76Oh, the old folks would be happyPage Scan
77Forward press thy conqu'ring wayPage Scan
78The Temp'rance crown is oursPage Scan
80We wear on our breast a red ribbonPage Scan
81Morn's dawning light was breaking clearPage Scan
82At the polls take your positionPage Scan
83Urging on the battle, Mid the sulphur smokePage Scan
84Red ribbons we see ev'ry day in the streetPage Scan
85Sow the fruitful seed of lovePage Scan
86Of the countless host of victimsPage Scan
87Near the cross of JesusPage Scan
88Slaves or freemen, we must everPage Scan
89Beware of the wine when its color is brightPage Scan
90Spread the temperance banner outPage Scan
91The Temp'rance army marchesPage Scan
92Our boat is launched upon the tidePage Scan
94aFather of mercies, bless our causePage Scan
94bYes, 'tis the work of JesusPage Scan
94cFar from the Master's kingdomPage Scan
94d'Tis by the aid of JesusPage Scan
95aLeave them not, O gentle SaviourPage Scan
95bFrom thy bondage, weary captivePage Scan
95cO thou weary captive, fettered by thy guiltPage Scan
95dSee thy Saviour's gentle facePage Scan
95eTurning away from the life divinePage Scan
95fOutcast from home, despised, oppressedPage Scan
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