Christian Psalmody, in Four Parts; containing Dr. Watt's Psalms Abridged; Dr. Watt's Hymns Abridged; Select Hymns from Other Authors; and Select Harmony: together with directions... (2nd. ed.)

Editor: Samuel Worcester, D. D.
Publisher: Samuel T. Armstrong, Boston, 1817
Language: English
Notes: Watt's Psalms (WP), Watt's Hymns (WH), Books 1, 2, and 3, and Select Hymns (SH) are numbered separately
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WH.I.25All mortal vanities, be gone!Page Scan
WH.I.26Bless'd be the everlasting GodPage Scan
WH.I.27Death may dissolve my body nowPage Scan
WH.I.30In thine own ways, O God of lovePage Scan
WH.I.39Now shall my inward joys arisePage Scan
WH.I.40What happy men, or angels, thesePage Scan
WH.I.48Awake, our souls! away our fearsPage Scan
WH.I.49Christ has done more than Moses didPage Scan
WH.I.50Now be the God of Israel bless'dPage Scan
WH.I.51To God, the only wisePage Scan
WH.I.52'Twas the commission of our LordPage Scan
WH.I.54Jesus, we bless thy Father's namePage Scan
WH.I.56We sing the glories of thy lovePage Scan
WH.I.57Backward with humble shame we lookPage Scan
WH.I.59In Gabriel's hand a mighty stonePage Scan
WH.I.60Our souls shall magnify the LordPage Scan
WH.I.61Now to the Lord, who makes us knowPage Scan
WH.I.62Come let us join our cheerful songsPage Scan
WH.I.63What equal honours shall we bringPage Scan
WH.I.64Behold! what wondrous gracePage Scan
WH.I.67Thou, whom my soul admires abovePage Scan
WH.I.69The voice of my beloved soundsPage Scan
WH.I.72Daughters of Sion, come, beholdPage Scan
WH.I.74We are a garden wall'd aroundPage Scan
WH.I.76When strangers stand and hear me tellPage Scan
WH.I.80Thus far the Lord hath led me onPage Scan
WH.I.81My God, how endless is thy love!Page Scan
WH.I.82Shall the vile race of flesh and bloodPage Scan
WH.I.83Not from the dust affliction growsPage Scan
WH.I.84Jehovah speaks, let Israel hear!Page Scan
WH.I.87Thus saith the high and lofty OnePage Scan
WH.I.88Life is the time to serve the LordPage Scan
WH.I.89Ye sons of Adam, vain and youngPage Scan
WH.I.91Now in the heat of youthful bloodPage Scan
WH.I.93Thus saith the Wisdom of the LordPage Scan
WH.I.94Vain are the hopes, the sons of menPage Scan
WH.I.95Not all the outward forms on earthPage Scan
WH.I.97Bury'd in shadows of the nightPage Scan
WH.I.99Vain are the hopes, that rebels placePage Scan
WH.I.101Who can describe the joys that risePage Scan
WH.I.102Blest are the humble souls who seePage Scan
WH.I.103I'm not asham'd to own my LordPage Scan
WH.I.104Not the malicious, or profanePage Scan
WH.I.105Nor eye hath seen, nor ear hath heardPage Scan
WH.I.106Shall we go on to sinPage Scan
WH.I.107Deceiv'd by subtle snares of hellPage Scan
WH.I.108Not with our mortal eyesPage Scan
WH.I.109No more, my God, I boast no morePage Scan
WH.I.110There is a house, not made with handsPage Scan
WH.I.111Lord, we confess our numerous faultsPage Scan
WH.I.112So did the Hebrew prophet raisePage Scan
WH.I.113How large the promise--how divinePage Scan
WH.I.114Gentiles by nature, we belongPage Scan
WH.I.115Lord, how secure my conscience wasPage Scan
WH.I.116Thus saith the first, the great commandPage Scan
WH.I.117Behold the potter and the clayPage Scan
WH.I.118The law by Moses camePage Scan
WH.I.119Christ and his cross is all our themePage Scan
WH.I.120Faith is the brightest evidencePage Scan
WH.I.121Thus saith the mercy of the LordPage Scan
WH.I.122Do we not know that solemn wordPage Scan
WH.I.123Behold the wretch, whose lust and winePage Scan
WH.I.124Deep in the dust, before thy thronePage Scan
WH.I.125With joy we meditate the gracePage Scan
WH.I.126Not diff'rent food, nor diff'rent dressPage Scan
WH.I.127Come hither, all ye weary soulsPage Scan
WH.I.128"Go preach my Gospel," saith the LordPage Scan
WH.I.129Saints, at your heav'nly Father's wordPage Scan
WH.I.130Now by the bowels of my GodPage Scan
WH.I.131Behold, how sinners disagreePage Scan
WH.I.132So let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
WH.I.133Let Pharisees of high esteemPage Scan
WH.I.134Had I the tongues of Greeks and JewsPage Scan
WH.I.135Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwellPage Scan
WH.I.136God is a Spirit, just and wisePage Scan
WH.I.137Now, to the power of God supremePage Scan
WH.I.138Firm as the earth, thy gospel standsPage Scan
WH.I.139How oft have sin and Satan strovePage Scan
WH.I.140Mistaken souls! that dream of heav'nPage Scan
WH.I.141Who has believ'd thy wordPage Scan
WH.I.142Like sheep we went astrayPage Scan
WH.I.143So new-born babes desire the breastPage Scan
WH.I.144Why should the children of a KingPage Scan
WH.I.145Jesus, in thee our eyes beholdPage Scan
WH.I.146Go worship at Emmanuel's feetPage Scan
WH.I.148With cheerful voice I singPage Scan
WH.I.150Join all the glorious namesPage Scan
WH.II.1Nature, with all her pow'rs shall singPage Scan
WH.II.3Why do we mourn departing friends?Page Scan
WH.II.4Here at thy cross, my dying GodPage Scan
WH.II.6Once more, my soul, the rising dayPage Scan
WH.II.7Dread Sov'reign, let my evening songPage Scan
WH.II.8Hosanna, with a cheerful soundPage Scan
WH.II.9Alas! and did my Saviour bleed?Page Scan
WH.II.10My soul forsakes her vain delightPage Scan
WH.II.11I send the joys of earth awayPage Scan
WH.II.12The true Messiah now appearsPage Scan
WH.II.13Sing to the Lord, who built the skiesPage Scan
WH.II.14Welcome--sweet day of restPage Scan
WH.II.15Far from my thoughts, vain world, be gonePage Scan

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