A Choice Selection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians

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201Happy the heart where graces reignPage Scan
202Had I the tongues of Greeks and JewsPage Scan
203Long have I [we] sat beneath the soundPage Scan
204Grace, 'tis a charming [cheering] [joyful] [pleasing] soundPage Scan
205Should bounteous nature kindly pourPage Scan
206Blessed Redeemer, how divinePage Scan
207Of all the joys we mortals [which creatures] knowPage Scan
208I love the sons of gracePage Scan
209Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That savedPage Scan
210O God of grace and righteousness, Hear and attendPage Scan
211Come, ye [you] [we] that [who] love the Lord [Christ], And let your [our] joysPage Scan
212My God, my life, my love, to thee, to thee I callPage Scan
213Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian lovePage Scan
214Dear Lord, though bitter is the cupPage Scan
215From all that's mortal, all that's vainPage Scan
216The world from Christians are apartPage Scan
217Let strife forever ceasePage Scan
218Our souls by [in] love together knit [drawn] [joined]Page Scan
219From whence doth [does] this [the] union arisePage Scan
220Am I indeed born from abovePage Scan
221How lost was [is] my [our] conditionPage Scan
222Mercy, O thou Son of DavidPage Scan
223Come thou fount of every blessingPage Scan
230O love divine, how sweet [good] thou artPage Scan
231Almighty love inspire My heart [soul] with sacred fire [pure desire]Page Scan
232Life is the time to serve the LordPage Scan
233Shall wisdom cry aloudPage Scan
234Ye sons of Adam, vain and youngPage Scan
235Thus saith the wisdom of the LordPage Scan
236Let every mortal ear attendPage Scan
237Vain are the hopes that rebels placePage Scan
238In vain we lavish out our lives To gather empty windPage Scan
239Not to condemn the sons of men did Christ the sonPage Scan
240Come hither, all ye [you] weary soulsPage Scan
241Hark, the Redeemer from on highPage Scan
242Kind is the speech of Christ our LordPage Scan
243Raise thoughtless sinner raise thine eyePage Scan
244The Savior calls, let every ear attendPage Scan
245Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the wayPage Scan
246One awful word which Jesus spokePage Scan
247Thus saith the Lord to EphesusPage Scan
248Jesus, dear Lord, we bless thy [his] namePage Scan
249Now the Savior's kindly pleadingPage Scan
250A fountain in Jesus, which runs always [always runs] freePage Scan
251Come all who are New-lights indeedPage Scan
252Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor Behold a royal feastPage Scan
253O what a state my soul is inPage Scan
254Come ye [you] sinners, poor and wretched [needy], Weak and woundedPage Scan
260Here stands a barren treePage Scan
261Must all the charms [thoughts] of nature thenPage Scan
262The church a garden isPage Scan
263Come sound his praise [name] abroad, And hymnsPage Scan
264Where shall we sinners hide our headsPage Scan
265Ye dying sons of menPage Scan
266That name to me sounds ever sweetPage Scan
267Come, trembling soul [souls] [ones], forget your fear [fears]Page Scan
268Here we've no continuing cityPage Scan
269O sinners, fly to Jesus' armsPage Scan
270Destruction's dangerous roadPage Scan
271Show pity Lord, O Lord, forgivePage Scan
272Behold the wretch whose lust and winePage Scan
273O God of mercy, hear my [our] callPage Scan
274Faith is the brightest evidencePage Scan
275Mistaken souls, that [who] dream of heavenPage Scan
276And are we wretches yet alivePage Scan
277Life and immortal joys are givenPage Scan
278'Tis by the faith of joys to comePage Scan
279O blessed souls are theyPage Scan
280O what a cruel wretch am I to leave my Jesus soPage Scan
281Attend, my soul, and trembling hearPage Scan
282Hard heart of minePage Scan
283I would lie prostrate on the groundPage Scan
284O thou who hearest when sinners cryPage Scan
285'Twas the commission of our [the] LordPage Scan
286Do we not know that solemn wordPage Scan
287Never does truth more shinePage Scan
288Humble souls, who [that] seek salvationPage Scan
289In Jordan's title the Baptist standsPage Scan
290Salem's bright King, Jesus by namePage Scan
291When I survey the wondrous crossPage Scan
292'Twas on that dark, that doleful nightPage Scan
293Come, let us join a joyful tune To our exalted LordPage Scan
294Lord, how divine Thy comforts arePage Scan
295Nature with open volume standsPage Scan
296How sweet and awful [holy] [sacred] is the placePage Scan
297Jesus, we bow before thy feetPage Scan
298At thy command, our dearest LordPage Scan
299Lord, we adore thy bounteous handPage Scan
300To Jesus our exalted Lord, dear [that] [the] name by heaven and earth adoredPage Scan
301That doleful [dreadful] night before his deathPage Scan
302Lord, at thy table I [we] behold The wonders of thy gracePage Scan
303The broken bread, the blessed cupPage Scan
304My God, what endless pleasures dwellPage Scan
305Who shall ascend thy heavenly [holy] placePage Scan
306Blest is the man whose bowels movePage Scan
307Happy is he that [who] fears the LordPage Scan
308O happy man, whose soul is filledPage Scan
309Blest are the humble souls that [who] seePage Scan
310So let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
311As new born babes desire the breastPage Scan

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