Chapel Treasures (Christ Chapel Sabbath-School, Lebanon, PA)

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139Cling closer to Jesus, oh, languishing soul!Page Scan
140I gave My life for thee, My precious blood I shedPage Scan
141Praise the Saviour, ye who know HimPage Scan
142Behold the Lamb of God!Page Scan
143Only Thy voice to lead me, speak Lord, and I shall hearPage Scan
144O Jesus, Light of all belowPage Scan
145Just as I am, without one pleaPage Scan
146Day of wonder, day of gladnessPage Scan
147I heard the voice of Jesus sayPage Scan
148Shepherd of tender youthPage Scan
149Jesus, my Lord, my God, my allPage Scan
150I need Thee, precious JesusPage Scan
151As with gladness men of oldPage Scan
152Saw you never, in the twilightPage Scan
153Hither, ye faithful, haste with songs of triumphPage Scan
154'Tis He! 'tis He! I know Him nowPage Scan
155O Jesus, Thou art standingPage Scan
156Jesus, the very thought is sweet!Page Scan
157"Whosoever heareth," shout, shout the sound!Page Scan
158Jesus the water of life will givePage Scan
159Come to the Saviour, children, to-dayPage Scan
160Come with all thy sorrowPage Scan
161Come to the Saviour, make no delayPage Scan
162Oh, come to the fountain of mercy and lovePage Scan
163Come to Jesus now, His voice is gentlyPage Scan
164Art thou weary, art thou languidPage Scan
165Like Noah's weary dovePage Scan
166I have entered the valley of blessing so sweetPage Scan
167"Go forth," saith the Master, and make no delayPage Scan
168Flee as a bird to your mountainPage Scan
169"Remember thy Creator"Page Scan
170"Almost persuaded" now to believePage Scan
171Who'll be the next to follow Jesus?Page Scan
172Come in life's young golden morningPage Scan
173Hear the gentle voice that calls theePage Scan
174God calling yet! shall I not hear?Page Scan
175Our Saviour has said itPage Scan
176Meek and lowly, pure and holyPage Scan
177Blessed are the poor in spiritPage Scan
178Speak gently, speak gently, speak gentlyPage Scan
179Love immortal, love unchangingPage Scan
180Saviour, teach me, day by dayPage Scan
181There is beauty all aroundPage Scan
182Chide mildly the erringPage Scan
183Kind hearts are the gardensPage Scan
184God is love! the silver brook Page Scan
185I will love Thee,--all my treasure!Page Scan
186God is love! when clouds of sadnessPage Scan
187Through the love of God our SaviourPage Scan
188There is no love like the love of JesusPage Scan
189There is a gate that stands ajarPage Scan
190In heavenly love abidingPage Scan
191Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
192Sound the battle cry!Page Scan
193Onward, Christian soldiersPage Scan
194Dare to be right! dare to be true!Page Scan
195Stand up, stand up for Jesus!Page Scan
196March along! march along!Page Scan
197We are marching on with shield and banner brightPage Scan
198Marching on! marching on! glad as birds on the wingPage Scan
199We are marching onwardPage Scan
200Children, while we sojourn herePage Scan
201Keep your lamps burningPage Scan
202Upward and onward, into the lightPage Scan
203We are going forth, with our staff in handPage Scan
204In the struggle of life there's a conquest to winPage Scan
205Go forward, Christian soldier!Page Scan
206Oh, we are the reapers that garner inPage Scan
207If we knew, when walking thoughtlessPage Scan
208Brightly gleams our bannerPage Scan
209Reapers, reapers, hastePage Scan
210Go work to-day in My vineyardPage Scan
211To the work! to the work! we are servants of GodPage Scan
212Each one has a mission, some work to doPage Scan
213Work! Christian laborer, work!Page Scan
214Hark! 'tis the watchman's cryPage Scan
215"Give," said the little streamPage Scan
216Give! 'tis the Saviour's precept!Page Scan
217Raise the banner of the crossPage Scan
218We come in the might of the Lord of lightPage Scan
219Oft in danger, oft in woePage Scan
220Breast the wave, ChristianPage Scan
221Onward, upward, march we foreverPage Scan
222Stand up for Jesus, Christian, standPage Scan
223In the vineyard of our FatherPage Scan
224Cling close to the Rock, brother, danger is nearPage Scan
225In the highways and hedges go seek for the lostPage Scan
226Strike, oh, strike for victory, soldiers of the Lord!Page Scan
227Onward, onward, men of HeavenPage Scan
228I'm but a youthful pilgrimPage Scan
229Jesus, tender SaviourPage Scan
230If I come to Jesus, He will make me gladPage Scan
231I'm a soldier, soldier of the crossPage Scan
232Thou art my ShepherdPage Scan
233I a little pilgrim standPage Scan
234Jesus loves me! this I knowPage Scan
235I am so glad that our Father in heavenPage Scan
236Hosanna! be the children's songPage Scan
237Lamb of God, I look to TheePage Scan
238Dear little lambs, will you come to the Saviour?Page Scan

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