Devotional hymns: selected for public and social worship

Author: John G. Wilson
Publisher: For sale by John G. Wilson, Philadelphia, 1880
Denomination: Universalist General Convention
Language: English
Notes: Includes "Spiritual Songs: selected for public and social worship;" numbered separately (S).
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1We need not soar above the skiesPage Scan
2O God, thou art, as everywherePage Scan
3Thy glory, Lord, the heavens declarePage Scan
4Thou art, O God, the life and lightPage Scan
5O thou, the true and living God!Page Scan
6Eternal God! almighty causePage Scan
7Father of all! thine offspring, wePage Scan
8Lord, in thy wond'rous works displayedPage Scan
9O God, thou bottomless abyss!Page Scan
10Father of all, to thee we raisePage Scan
11O thou self-existent ONE!Page Scan
12Great God! how infinite art thou!Page Scan
13Ere earth's heaving bosom, swellingPage Scan
14Jehovah, self-existent ONE,Page Scan
15Through endless years thou art the samePage Scan
16Thou art, O God! a Spirit purePage Scan
17Where can we hide, or whither flyPage Scan
18Lord, all I am is known to theePage Scan
19O God invisiblePage Scan
20Father of spirits, nature's GodPage Scan
21Fountain of all intelligencePage Scan
22Power of all powers! Omnipotent!Page Scan
23Eternal Wisdom! thee we praisePage Scan
24O God, we humbly wait thy willPage Scan
25God of wisdom infinitePage Scan
26Holy as thou, O Lord, is none!Page Scan
27Holy art thou, Lord, alonePage Scan
28Holy and reverend is thy namePage Scan
29Jehovah, just and goodPage Scan
30High in the heavens, eternal GodPage Scan
31O God, thy truth and faithfulnessPage Scan
32MY God, what monuments I seePage Scan
33Most merciful and gracious LordPage Scan
34My God, in whom are all the springsPage Scan
35To thee, God, only wisePage Scan
36Eternal Power, whose high abodePage Scan
37My Maker and my KingPage Scan
38Hail, great Creator, wise and good!Page Scan
39Almighty God, at thy commandPage Scan
40O thou, my light, my life, my joyPage Scan
41How blest, O Lord, to have in theePage Scan
42While thou, my Lord, art nearPage Scan
43O God, the Preserver of allPage Scan
44My God, permit my tonguePage Scan
45Infinite, eternal ONEPage Scan
46We bless thee, Lord, for thou alonePage Scan
47O Son of God! O Light of Light!Page Scan
48Son of God, while angels bless theePage Scan
49O Son of God, the only PotentatePage Scan
50Thy throne, O God, forever standsPage Scan
51All-loving Father, in thy wordPage Scan
52Amid the splendors of thy statePage Scan
53Thou, O God, art love alonePage Scan
54Amplest grace in thee I findPage Scan
55Son of God, we hail the mornPage Scan
56Father, our hearts we liftPage Scan
57Hail, thou long-expected JesusPage Scan
58In duties and in sufferings tooPage Scan
59Infinite excellence is thinePage Scan
60Jesus, I love thy charming namePage Scan
61O Lord, when we the path retracePage Scan
62Jesus, thou true and living vinePage Scan
63My dear Redeemer and my LordPage Scan
64A while in spirit, Lord, to theePage Scan
65How beauteous were the marks divinePage Scan
66Jesus, thy life, a pattern truePage Scan
67Thou art the way--to thee alonePage Scan
68Jesus, my truth, my wayPage Scan
69O Jesus, in GethsemanePage Scan
70O Jesus, on thy soul was laidPage Scan
71O Son of God! with glory crownedPage Scan
72O my Jesus! thou wast boundPage Scan
73To Calvary, Lord, in spirit nowPage Scan
74To thee, O Lamb of God!Page Scan
75O Jesus! sweet the tears I shedPage Scan
76Lord, at thy cross I sink oppressedPage Scan
77A fountain, Holy Lamb of GodPage Scan
78In vain we seek for peace with GodPage Scan
79O Jesus, lifted upPage Scan
80The sacrificial bloodPage Scan
81Jesus, thou heavenly LambPage Scan
82Jesus, spotless Lamb of GodPage Scan
83Jesus, crucified for mePage Scan
84O Jesus, thou hast made the crossPage Scan
85O Jesus, at the cross I layPage Scan
86O Jesus, from thy wounds there flowedPage Scan
87O Jesus, crucified for usPage Scan
88A fountain, blessed Lamb of God!Page Scan
89O Prince of life! 'twas not in manPage Scan
90Jesus, from thy Father's bosomPage Scan
91Welcome, thou Victor in the strifePage Scan
92Jesus, hail! our risen KingPage Scan
93Rabboni! risen from the dead?Page Scan
94O Lord, Most High, eternal KingPage Scan
95Lord, when thou didst from OlivetPage Scan
96Lord, when thou didst ascend on highPage Scan
97Jesus, my Advocate abovePage Scan
98O Jesus, merciful High PriestPage Scan
99Great Prophet of my GodPage Scan
100Our Propet, Priest and King, to theePage Scan

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