John G. Wilson

Short Name: John G. Wilson
Full Name: Wilson, John G. (John Grover) 1810-1885
Birth Year: 1810
Death Year: 1885

Wilson, John Grover; clergyman; educated at Delaware College; Minister at First Independent Christian Church, Philadelphia (now Pilgrim Congregational Church) b. 1810; d. 2/20/1885

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Devotional Hymns

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A fountain, blessed Lamb of God!John G. Wilson (Author)2
A hundred sheep the shepherd toldJ. G. W. (Author)2
All-loving Father, in thy wordJ. G. W. (Author)2
Almighty God, at thy commandJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Another year has passed away, And still his chariot wheels delayJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Best of all the books on earthJ. G. W. (Author)2
Brought nigh by the blood of his crossJ. G. W. (Author)2
Chastening our souls with fastingJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Christian mourner, dry thy tearsJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Daily sing we songs of gladnessJ. G. W. (Author)2
Ere earth's heaving bosom, swellingJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Father of all above, thy will be doneJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Father of all, how long? how long?John G. Wilson (Author)2
Father of all! thine offspring, weJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Father of all, to thee we raiseJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Father of my only LordJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Father of our blessed LordJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Father, taught of Christ to prayJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Father! who dost thy Spirit giveJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Fountain of all intelligenceJ. G. W (Author)2
Go, heralds of the cross, go forthJ. G. W. (Author)2
God of nations, deign to hearJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
God of wisdom infiniteJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Head of the church! Redeemer, Lord!J. G. W. (Author)2
Herald of the cross attend John G. Wilson (Author)2
Here, Lord of Hosts, in thy great nameJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Holy and reverend is thy nameJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Holy art thou, Lord, aloneJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
How blest, O Lord, to have in theeJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
How exalted now and gloriousJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
I need thee constantly, Jesus, my LordJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
I would not live forever hereJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Infinite, eternal ONEJ. G. W. (Author)2
Is it my doom to die?John G. Wilson (Author)2
Jehovah, just and goodJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jehovah, self-existent ONEJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, behold this familyJ. G. W. (Author)2
Jesus, by my native strengthJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, crucified for meJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus did once for all atoneJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, from thy Father's bosomJ. G. W. (Author)2
Jesus, glorified with theeJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, hail! our risen KingJ. G. W. (Author)2
Jesus, more love to theeJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, my Lord, and can it beJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, our Lord, by thee enjoinedJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, these eyes have never seenJ. G. W. (Author (st. 4))English1
Jesus, thou heavenly Lamb, Take thou my sins awayJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, thou true and living vine, May we the branches beJ. G. W. (Author)2
Jesus, thy life, a pattern trueJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, 'tis thy commandJ. G. W. (Author)2
Jesus, we hail thy blessed nameJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Jesus, we render praise to theeJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Known before the world's foundationJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Lo, he comes with sound of trumpetJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Long time estranged, O Lord, from theeJ. G. W. (Author)2
Look upward! look upward! ye saints of the LordJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Lord, at thy cross I sink oppressedJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Lord, in thy wond'rous works displayedJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Lord of the Sabbath, taught by theeJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Lord, we here have no abidingJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Lord, when thou didst from OlivetJ. G. W. (Author)2
Me, O my Jesus, in thine armsJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Most merciful and gracious LordJ. G. W. (Author)2
My Savior says, in my Father's houseJ. G. W. (Author)English2
My sluggish soul ariseJ. G. W. (Author)2
My soul, through thy abounding graceJ. G. W. (Author)2
No longer I delayJ. G. W. (Author)2
Now a heavenly song beginJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Now to him who loved and bought usJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O for wings! O for wings!John G. Wilson (Author)2
O God invisibleJ. G. W. (Author)2
O God of Bethel, thee I holdJ. G. W. (Author)2
O God, the Preserver of allJ. G. W. (Author)2
O God, thou art, as everywhereJ. G. Wilson (Author)2
O God, thy truth and faithfulnessJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O God, we humbly wait thy willJ. G. W. (Author)2
O Jesus, at the cross I layJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Jesus, crucified for usJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Jesus, from thy wounds there flowedJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Jesus, hope of gloryJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Jesus, in GethsemaneJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Jesus, lifted upJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Jesus, merciful High PriestJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Jesus, on thy soul was laidJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Jesus, thou hast made the crossJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Lord, thou hast answered my prayerJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Lord, to me impartJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O my Jesus! thou wast boundJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Prince of life! 'twas not in manJ. G. W. (Author)2
O Son of God! O Light of Light!J. G. W. (Author)2
O Son of God, the only PotentateJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Son of God! to all who in thy nameJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
O Son of God! with glory crowned Upon thy Father's throne (Wilson)John G. Wilson (Author)2
O thou self-existent ONE!John G. Wilson (Author)2
Our Father throned in light, thy kingdom comeJ. G. W (Author)2
Our Father, we have sinnedJ. G. W. (Author)2
Our Father, who to all art goodJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Our Father whose abode is in the heaven aboveJ. G. W. (Author)2
Our Propet, Priest and King, to theeJ. G. W. (Author)2
Our sins were laid on JesusJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Power of all powers! Omnipotent!John G. Wilson (Author)2
Rabboni! risen from the dead?John G. Wilson (Author)2
Savior, I long to see thy faceJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Son of God, we hail the mornJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Sowing the seed of the kingdom, LordJ. G. W. (Author)2
The Bible is God's holy wordJ. G. W. (Author)2
The grace of Jesus Christ our Lord, And God the Father's loveJ. G. W. (Author)2
The sacrificial bloodJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Thou, O God, art love aloneJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Thou, O my God, art everywhereJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Thy church, O God, to thee foreknownJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Thy church, O Jesus, comprehendsJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
Time is measuring the agesJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
To Calvary, Lord, in spirit nowJ. G. W. (Author (st. 4))1
To God, the Lord, be givenJ. G. W. (Author)2
To thee, God, only wiseJ. G. W. (Author)2
Trust, O my soul, the living God J. G. W. (Author)2
Waiting! waiting, Lord, for theeJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
We ask thee, O Father, thy love to bestowJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
We meet to worship thee, O LordJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
When sore affliction pressesJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
While the Bridegroom is awayJohn G. Wilson (Author)2
With joyous expectationJohn G. Wilson (Author)2

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