Divine and Moral Songs: attempted in easy language for the use of children with some additional composures

Author: Isaac Watts
Publisher: Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library, 1866
Denomination: Congregationalist
Language: English
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HIHow glorious is our heavenly KingTextPage Scan
HIII sing th' almighty power of GodTextPage Scan
HIIIBlest be the wisdom and the powerTextPage Scan
HIVWhene'er I take my walks abroadTextPage Scan
HVGreat God, to thee my voice I raiseTextPage Scan
HVILord, I ascribe it to thy graceTextPage Scan
HVIIGreat God, with wonder and with praiseTextPage Scan
HVIIIThe praises of my tongueTextPage Scan
HIXAlmighty God, thy piercing eyeTextPage Scan
HXThere is a God that reigns aboveTextPage Scan
HXIThere is beyond the skyTextPage Scan
HXIIHappy the child whose youngest yearsTextPage Scan
HXIIIWhy should I say, "'Tis yet too soonTextPage Scan
HXIVWhat blest examples do I findTextPage Scan
HXVO 'tis a lovely thing for youthTextPage Scan
HXVILet dogs delight to bark and biteTextPage Scan
HXVIIWhatever brawls disturb the streetTextPage Scan
HXVIIIOur tongues were made to bless the LordTextPage Scan
HXIXAngels, that high in glory dwellTextPage Scan
HXXHow doth the little busy beeTextPage Scan
HXXIWhy should I join with those in playTextPage Scan
HXXIIWhy should our garments, made to hideTextPage Scan
HXXIIILet children that would fear the LordTextPage Scan
HXXIVWhy should I love my sports so wellTextPage Scan
HXXVMy God, who makes the sun to knowTextPage Scan
HXXVIAnd now another day is goneTextPage Scan
HXXVIIThis is the day when Christ aroseTextPage Scan
HXXVIIILord, how delightful 'tis to seeTextPage Scan
HXXIXThou shalt have no more Gods but meTextPage Scan
HXXXWith all thy soul love God aboveTextPage Scan
HXXXIBe you to others kind and trueTextPage Scan
HXXXIILove God with all your soul and strengthTextPage Scan
HXXXIIIHosanna to king David's sonTextPage Scan
HXXXIVHosanna to the Prince of GraceTextPage Scan
HXXXVHosanna to the SonTextPage Scan
HXXXVITo God the Father, God the SonTextPage Scan
HXXXVIINow let the Father and the SonTextPage Scan
HXXXVIIIGive to the Father praiseTextPage Scan
SI'Tis the voice of the Sluggard: I heard him complainTextPage Scan
SIIAbroad in the meadows, to see the young lambsTextPage Scan
SIIIHow fair is the Rose! what a beautiful flower!TextPage Scan
SIVWhy should I deprive my neighbourTextPage Scan
SVThese Emmets, how little they are in our eyes!TextPage Scan
SVIThough I'm now in younger daysTextPage Scan
SVIIHow fine has the day been! how bright was the sun!TextPage Scan
SVIIIHush, my dear! Lie still, and slumber!TextPage Scan
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