Dr. Watts's Imitation of the Psalms of David: suited to the Christian Worship in the United States and allowed by the Synod of New York and New Jersey to be used in all the churches

Author: Isaac Watts
Publisher: Printed by Elihu Phinney, Cooperstown, 1790
Language: English
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3Blest is the man who shuns the placePage Scan
4The man is ever blestPage Scan
5aHappy the man whose cautious feetPage Scan
5bMaker and sov'reign LordPage Scan
7Why did the nations join to slayPage Scan
8Why did the Jews proclaim their ragePage Scan
9My God, how many are my fears!Page Scan
10o lord how many are my foesPage Scan
11O God of grace and rigteousnessPage Scan
12aLord, thou wilt hear me when I prayPage Scan
12bLord, in the morning thou shalt hearPage Scan
14In anger, Lord, rebuke me notPage Scan
15aLord, I can suffer thy rebukesPage Scan
15bMy trust is in my heav'nly friendPage Scan
17O Lord, our heav'nly KingPage Scan
18O Lord, our God, how wond'rous greatPage Scan
19Almighty Ruler of the skiesPage Scan
20Lord, what was man when made alt firstPage Scan
21aWith my whole heart I'll raise my songPage Scan
21bWhen the great Judge supreme and justPage Scan
23Why doth the Lord stand off so farPage Scan
24My refuge is the God of lovePage Scan
25Lord, if thou dost not soon appearPage Scan
26Help, Lord for men of virtue failPage Scan
27How long O Lord, shall I complainPage Scan
28How long wilt thou conceal thy face?Page Scan
29aFools in their hearts believe and sayPage Scan
29bAre sinners now so senseless grownPage Scan
30Who shall inhabit in thy hill?Page Scan
31Who shall ascend thy heav'nly placePage Scan
32aPreserve me, Lord, in time of needPage Scan
32bHow fast their guilt and sorrows risePage Scan
33When God is nigh, my faith is strongPage Scan
34aSave me, o Lord, from ev'ry foePage Scan
34bI set the Lord before my facePage Scan
35Arise my gracious GodPage Scan
36Lord, I am thine: but thou wilt provePage Scan
37Thee will I love, O Lord, my strengthPage Scan
38Lord, thou hast seen my soul sincerePage Scan
39Just are thy ways, and true thy wordPage Scan
40We love thee, Lord, and we adorePage Scan
41To thine almighty arm we owePage Scan
42Behold the lofty skyPage Scan
43Behold the morning sunPage Scan
44The heav'ns declare thy glory, LordPage Scan
45Great God, the heav'n's well order'd framePage Scan
47Now may the God of pow'r and gracePage Scan
48The king, O Lord, with songs of praisePage Scan
49The lord of glory is my light
50Page Scan
61The lord of glory is my lightPage Scan
62Soon as I heard my Father sayPage Scan
63Give to the Lord, ye sons of famePage Scan
64aI will extol thee, Lord, on highPage Scan
64bFirm was my health, my day was brightPage Scan
65Into thine hand, O God of truthPage Scan
66My heart rejoices in thy namePage Scan
67O blessed souls are theyPage Scan
68Happy the man, to whom his GodPage Scan
69aBlest is the man, for ever blestPage Scan
69bWhile I keep silence and concealPage Scan
70Rejoice, ye righteous in the lordPage Scan
71Blest is the nation, where the LordPage Scan
72aYe holy souls in God rejoicePage Scan
72bO happy nation, where the LordPage Scan
49aDavid rejoic'd in god his strengthPage Scan
49bWhy has my God my soul forookPage Scan
51Now from the roaring lion's ragePage Scan
52Now let our mournful songs recordPage Scan
53My Shepherd is the living LordPage Scan
54My Shepherd will supply my needPage Scan
55The Lord my Shepherd isPage Scan
56The earth for ever is the Lord'sPage Scan
57This spacious earth is all the Lord'sPage Scan
58I lift my soul to GodPage Scan
59aWhere shall the man be foundPage Scan
59bMine eyes and my desirePage Scan
60Judge me, O Lord, and prove my waysPage Scan
73Lord I will bless thee all my daysPage Scan
74Children, in years and knowledge youghPage Scan
75I'll bless the Lord from day to dayPage Scan
76Come, children, learn to fear the LordPage Scan
77Now plead my cause, almighty GodPage Scan
78Behold! the love, the gen'rous lovePage Scan
79High in the heav'ns, eternal God!Page Scan
80While men grow bold in wicked waysPage Scan
81When man grows bold in sinPage Scan
82Why should I vex my soul, and fretPage Scan
84Why do the wealthy wicked boastPage Scan
85My God, the steps of pious menPage Scan
86Amidst thy wrath remember lovePage Scan
87Thus I resolv'd before the LordPage Scan
88Teach me the measure of my daysPage Scan
89God of my life, look gently downPage Scan
90aI waited patient for the lordPage Scan
90bThus saith the Lord, Your work is vinPage Scan
92The wonders, Lord, thy love has wroughtPage Scan
93aBlest is the man whose bowels movePage Scan
93bWith earnest longings of the mindPage Scan
94My spirit sinks within me, LordPage Scan

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