The Ebenezer Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs, with an appendix Consisting of Miscellaneous Pieces. 6th ed.

Editor: J. Clark
Publisher: Claxton, Remson & Haffelfinger, Philadelphia, Penn., 1877
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d601Well, the Redeemer's gone
d602Were oceans, rivers, floods, and lakes
d603We've no abiding city here
d604What cheering words are these
d605What contradictions meet
d606What different powers of grace and sin
d607What finite power, with ceaseless toil
d608What glory gilds the sacred page
d609What is our God or [and] what his name
d610What jarring natures dwell within
d611What lovely band is this I see
d612What shall the dying sinner do
d613What strange perplexities arise
d614What think ye [you] of Christ, is the test
d615What vain desires and passions vain
d616What wisdom, majesty and grace
d617What wondrous love is this, O my soul
d618When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]
d619When any turn from Zion's way
d620When at a [this] distance, Lord, we trace
d621When bending o'er the brink of life [death]
d622When by the tempter's wiles betrayed
d623When converts first begin to sing
d624When from the precepts to the cross
d625When from the truth professors turn
d626When God restored our captive state
d627When God revealed his gracious name
d628When God's own people stand in need
d629When I can read my title clear
d630When I survey the wondrous cross
d631When I the holy [empty] [lonely] [vanquished] grave [tomb] survey
d632When in the cloud, with colors fair
d633When Isr'l through the desert passed
d634When Isr'l's grieving tribes complained
d635When Isr'l's tribes were parched with thirst
d636When Jesus hung upon the tree
d637When Jesus shall descend the skies
d638When Joseph his brethren beheld
d639When languor and disease invade
d640When legal hope my mind possessed
d641When marshalled on the nightly [mighty] plain
d642When my Savior, my Shepherd is near
d643When on the cross my Lord I see
d644When on the cross my Savior died
d645When overwhelmed with doubts and fear
d646When shall we meet again, Meet ne'er [more] to sever
d647When sins and fears prevailing rise
d648When sorrows encompass me round
d649When strangers stand and hear me tell
d650When the first parents of our race
d651When the last trumpet's awful voice
d652When the wounded spirit hears
d653When toiling for life at Sinai I lay
d654Where is my [our] God, does he retire
d655Where shall we go to seek and find
d656Wherewith O God [Lord], shall I draw near
d657While in the vale of vision, dead
d658While in this vale of sorrow
d659While my Redeemer's near
d660While shepherds watch [watched] their flocks by night
d661Who, but the soul that's led to know
d662Who has believed thy Word
d663Who is this fair one in distress
d664Who shall condemn to endless flames
d665Who shall the Lord's elect condemn
d666Why do we [ye] [you] mourn departing [departed] [for dying] friends
d667Why does your face, ye humble [troubled] souls
d668Why is my heart so far from thee
d669Why, O my soul, these anxious cares
d670Why should a living man complain
d671Why should a son redeemed with blood
d672Why should my soul indulge complaints
d673Why should the children of a King
d674Why should vain mortals tremble at the sight
d675Why tarriest thou, arise
d676Wide is the gate and broad the way
d677Ye angels, who stand round the throne
d678Ye burdened souls, to Jesus come
d679Ye dying sons of men
d680Ye fleeting charms of earth, farewell
d681Ye glittering toys of earth, adieu
d682Ye humble souls, approach your God
d683Ye humble souls that [who] seek the Lord
d684Ye little flock, whom Jesus feeds
d685Ye prisoners of hope o'erwhelmed with grief
d686Ye ransomed sons of Adam's race
d687Ye saints, proclaim abroad
d688Ye sin sick souls, dismiss your fears
d689Ye slaves of sin, redeemed by blood
d690Ye sons of men, who long have sought
d691Ye souls who are bound unto Canaan
d692Ye tempted and tried, to Jesus draw nigh
d693Ye that fear the Lord, attend
d694Ye weary heavy laden souls
d695Yonder amazing sight I [we] see
d696Your harps, ye [you] trembling [mourning] [tearful], saints
d697Zion's a city fair God hath blessed [blest]

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