The Ebenezer Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs, with an appendix Consisting of Miscellaneous Pieces. 6th ed.

Editor: J. Clark
Publisher: Claxton, Remson & Haffelfinger, Philadelphia, Penn., 1877
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d401O, for a [an] heart to praise [love] my God
d402O for a closer walk with God
d403O for a thousand tongues to sing my great [dear] Redeemer's praise
d404O for an overcoming faith
d405O give me, Lord, my sins to mourn
d406O God, my Sun, thy blissful rays
d407O God of Zion, from thy throne
d408O how shall I myself assure
d409O Lord, I [we] would delight in thee
d410O may it be my lot to see
d411O my soul, what means this sadness
d412O [Our] God, our help in ages [seasons] past
d413O [Sweet] land for [of] rest for thee I sigh
d414O that I had a bosom friend
d415O that I had a seraph's fire
d416O that my load of sin were [was] gone
d417O thou in whose presence my soul takes delight
d418O 'tis a glorious mystery
d419O what a state my soul is in
d420O what amazing words of grace Are in the gospel found
d421O [When] thou my righteous Judge shall [shalt] come
d422O where can the soul find relief
d423O where shall rest be found
d424O ye blood washed, ransomed sinners
d425O Zion, afflicted with wave upon wave
d426Of all the joys we mortals [which creatures] know
d427Of God's great love, ere time began
d428Often I seek my Lord by night
d429On Jordan we would often muse
d430On Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eye
d431On Zion, his own holy mount, God will a feast prepare
d432On Zion's glorious summit stood, A numerous host, redeemed by blood
d433On Zion's sacred mount I saw
d434Once a friend of sinners dear
d435ôTis finished, so the Savior cried, and meekly
d436Our God how firm his promise stands
d437Our Lord is risen from the dead, Our Jesus [Savior] is gone
d438Parted many a toil spent year, Pledged in youth
d439Peace, by His cross, hath Jesus made
d440Pity a helpless sinner, Lord
d441Poor trembling sinner, tell me why
d442Poor, weak, and worthless though I am
d443Praise, everlasting praise, be paid
d444Precious Bible, what a treasure
d445Prepare me gracious God to stand before thy face
d446Prince of peace be ever near me
d447Proclaim my gospel saith the Lord
d448Quite weary near to faint
d449Raise thoughtless sinner raise thine eye
d450Rejoice ye saints, in every state, Divine decrees
d451Religion is the chief concern
d452Repent, repent, the Baptist cries
d453Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings
d454Rise, rise, my soul, and leave the ground
d455Rock of ages, shelter me [us], Let me hide
d456Salvation by grace how charming the song
d457Salvation how precious the sound
d458Salvation I do feel thy merit
d459Salvation, O the joyful sound
d460Salvation through our dying head
d461Satan the prince of darkness reigns
d462Saul was a boasting Pharisee
d463Saved by grace I live to tell
d464Saved from the damning power of sin
d465Saved from the uttermost depths of despair
d466Savior divine, we know Thy name
d467Savior, visit Thy [our] plantation, grant us Lord, a gracious rain
d468Say now, ye lovely social band
d469Say, who is she, that looks abroad
d470See, from the vineyard Jesus comes
d471See, Lord, thy willing subjects bow
d472See, on the mount of Calvary
d473See the Lord of glory dying
d474Self righteous souls on works rely
d475Shall atheists dare insult the cross
d476Shall Isr'l's ransomed race
d477Shall man O God of life and light
d478Shall we go on to sin
d479Shall wisdom cry aloud
d480Shepherds, rejoice, lift up your eyes
d481Show pity Lord, O Lord, forgive
d482Sin has a thousand treacherous arts
d483Sin, like a venomous disease
d484Sing to the Lord, ye heirs of faith
d485Sinner [sinners], hear the [thy] Savior's call
d486Sinners, away from Sinai fly
d487Sinners, behold the Lamb of God
d488Sinners rejoice, it's ['tis] Christ that died
d489Sinners, this solemn truth regard
d490Sitting around our Father's [the Savior's] board
d491Sons of peace, redeemed by blood
d492Sons we are, through God's election
d493Soon as the Son of God had made
d494Sovereign grace has [hath] power alone
d495Sovereign of all the worlds on high
d496Sovereign Ruler of the skies
d497Still out of the deepest abyss
d498Strange and mysterious is my life
d499Stretched on the cross the Savior dies [died]
d500Sweet is the work, my [O] [our] God, [and] [my] [our] King

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