For Everyone Born: global songs for an emerging church

Editor: Jorge Lockward, Christopher Heckert
Publisher: General Board of Global Ministries, New York, 2008
Notes: Full Vocal/Piano Perfomance Scores are found in the appendix
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Jikelele[Jikelele]TextPage Scan
2For everyone born, a place at the table[For everyone born, a place at the table]Text
3We n'de ya ho[We n'de ya ho]TextPage Scan
4Aleluia, Aleluia, Aleluia[Aleluia, Aleluia, Aleluia]Text
5Nyanyikanlah nyanyian baru bagi Allah (Sing the lord a new song and praise his whole creation)NYANYIKAHLAH
6Amor, que por amor me amaste (Dear God, your love is all around me)[Amor, que por amor me amaste]
7Let's walk together for a while [Let's walk together for a while]
8Tell am tenky tell am[Tell am tenky tell am]
9Jehová es mi pastor (Sure as the Lord's my Shepherd)[Jehová es mi pastor]
10Cha kutumaini sina (There's no other place I can hide)[Cha kutumaini sina]
11Au preah vo bey da nei yeung kyom[Au preah vo bey da nei yeung kyom]
11aOur Father, who is in heaven[Our Father, who is in heaven]
12Glória seja ao Pai[Glória seja ao Pai]
13Shukuru, Yesu (Thanking you, Jesus)[Shukuru, Yesu]
14May the living God be with you, my friends[May the living God be with you, my friends]
15aHoly, holy, holy Lord[Holy, holy, holy Lord]Text
15bChrist has died, Christ is risen[Christ has died, Christ is risen]Text
15cAmen, Amen, Amen[Amen, Amen, Amen]Text
16Ya hamalallah (Holy Lamb of God)[Ya hamalallah]Text
17Obrigado, Senhor, aleluia (We are thankful, O Lord, alleluia)[Obrigado, Senhor, aleluia]
18Love is your way, love is your nature [Love is your way, love is your nature ]TextPage Scan
19Pelas dores deste mundo, ó Senhor (For the troubles and the sufferings of the world)[Pelas dores deste mundo, ó Senhor]
20Kanisa Litajengua (O, who will build the church now?)[Kanisa Litajengua]
21Si tuvieras fe (If you only had faith][Si tuvieras fe]
22There's a spirit of love in this place[There's a spirit of love in this place]
23Que el Señor salga a tu encuentro (May your road be smooth and level)[Que el Señor salga a tu encuentro]Text
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