The Friends' Hymnal, a Collection of Hymns and Tunes for the Public Worship of the Society

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
a601The radiant sun, decliningINDICAPage Scan
a602It is the gentle ev'ning hourFOLENPage Scan
a603Inspirer and Hearer of prayerST. EDITHAPage Scan
a604Now, on land and sea descendingCHANGELESS LOVEPage Scan
a605Thro' the day Thy love has spared usANDREASPage Scan
a606The Lord be with us, as we bendST. JOHNSPage Scan
a607The day is gently sinking to a closeAYLSWORTHPage Scan
a608Tarry with me, O my SaviourSMITHPage Scan
a609Saviour, when in dust to TheeROBERTPage Scan
a610My Father, as Thou wilt!THY WILLPage Scan
a611Once more to Thee, O LordGUINDONPage Scan
a612Still with Thee, O my GodSWAINSTHORPEPage Scan
a613Thus far the Lord has led me onHEBRONPage Scan
a614The day of praise is doneFLETCHERPage Scan
a615We are living, we are dwellingHYMN TO JOYPage Scan
a616In the Christian's home in gloryREST FOR THE WEARYPage Scan
a617On Jordan's stormy banks I standTAPPANPage Scan
a618Alleluia, song of sweetnessALLELUIAPage Scan
a619Hail! thou God of grace and gloryAVELINGPage Scan
a620O beautiful tree! thy leaves are greenPATIENCEPage Scan
a621I would not live alway; I ask not to stayAUGUSTINEPage Scan
a622Hark, the voice of Jesus cryingCALLINGPage Scan
a623All glory, laud, and honorTESCHNERPage Scan
a624I know my sin and weakness[I know my sin and weakness]Page Scan
a625Suppliant, lo! thy children bendST. SYLVESTERPage Scan
a626Dear Saviour, thro' grace we have promisedPROMISEPage Scan
a627Holy Father! hear my cryALBERTPage Scan
a628By day or night, in joy or painSAFETYPage Scan
a629O Saviour, we have proved itBARNESPage Scan
a630O toilers in the vineyardLOYALPage Scan
a631We praise thee, O God! for the Son of Thy loveHUSBANDPage Scan
a632O speak to the sinners around youTRAVERSPage Scan
a633Salvation! oh, the joyful soundWATTSPage Scan
a634We stand in deep repentanceDOVERPage Scan
a635Heavenly Father, send Thy blessingCROWELLPage Scan
a636Oh, for a thousand tongues to singHALSEYPage Scan
a637Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I goELBRIDGEPage Scan
a638When I had wander'd from His foldST. JUSTPage Scan
a639Lord, we come before Thee nowRAYMOTHPage Scan
a640There is a land of pure delightVARINAPage Scan
a641Hark! hark, my soul! Angelic songs are swellingSAUNDERSPage Scan
a642Come, children, lift your voicesTOURSPage Scan
a643Come, let us sing of JesusBEATRICEPage Scan
a644Jesus, King of gloryHALWELLPage Scan
a645Saviour, who thy flock art feedingMUHLENBERGPage Scan
a646Grant us, O our heavenly FatherDAWNINGPage Scan
a647Dear Jesus, ever at Thy sideBAIRDPage Scan
a648Dear Saviour, as in olden daysLAISYPage Scan
a649When we cannot see our wayALVAHPage Scan
a650God, who hath made the daisiesHOODPage Scan
a651Saviour, like a shepherd lead usSPOFFORDPage Scan
a652We come, Lord, to Thy feetMAXWELLPage Scan
a653Father, Holy FatherWIGHTPage Scan
a654Saviour, we are young and weakSTOWELLPage Scan
a655Come, Christian children, come and raiseTHRUPPPage Scan
a656Accept my grateful praisesTHE PLEDGEPage Scan
a657Father, hear Thy children's callLITANY OF PENITENCEPage Scan
a658Father, on this Day of daysAMELIAPage Scan
a659Jesus, hear a little childIONAPage Scan
a660Great Shepherd of the sheepMAKELEYPage Scan
a661Singing for Jesus, our Saviour and KingHEDGESPage Scan
a662In the vineyard of our FatherBRONXPage Scan
a663Father, lead me day by daySTRATTNERPage Scan
a664When Jesus left His Father's throneALBERTIPage Scan
a665Little children, live for JesusWATSONPage Scan
a666Thou art the true and loving GodROYPage Scan
a667Jesus Christ our Saviour, Once for us a ChildNORTONPage Scan
a668Jesus, tender shepherd, hear meST. SYLVESTERPage Scan
a669I think, when I read that sweet story of oldSWEET STORYPage Scan
a670There is a happy land[There is a happy land]Page Scan
a671Ev'ry little step I takeCRESLINEPage Scan
a672Sweet the lesson Jesus taughtCRESSWELLPage Scan
a673Lord, this day Thy children meetHARDACREPage Scan
a674There's a voice that speaks withinAIKENPage Scan
a675Golden harps are soundingHERMASPage Scan
a676In God's holy dwellingCALVARYPage Scan
a677Loving Shepherd of Thy sheepFERRIERPage Scan
a678God will take care of youRYLANDPage Scan
a679Jesus, gentle ShepherdHURLBURTPage Scan
a680Beautiful the little handsCORBINPage Scan
a681Thou art my ShepherdTHALHEIMERPage Scan
a682Jesus, from Thy throne on highSWPTEM VOCESPage Scan
a683When in the Lord Jehovah's NamePALMSPage Scan
a684There's a Friend for little childrenIN MEMORIAMPage Scan
a685Jesus, gentlest Saviour!TUFTSPage Scan
a686Brightly gleams our bannerST. THERESAPage Scan
a687Above the clear blue skyCHILDREN'S VOICESPage Scan
a688Around the throne of God in HeavenCHILDREN'S PRAISESPage Scan
a689Around the throne of God a bandALSTONEPage Scan
a690God Almighty, in Thy templeETON COLLEGEPage Scan
a691Hark! the herald angels singMENDELSSOHNPage Scan
a692Holy night! peaceful night!NATIVITYPage Scan
a693All this night bright angels singAUSTINPage Scan
a694A Child this day is bornBAILEYPage Scan
a695Merry Christmas bells are ringing[Merry Christmas bells are ringing]Page Scan
a696It came upon the midnight clearCAROLPage Scan
a697The world was hushed in silence deepKENTPage Scan
a698Glory in the highestBETHLEHEMPage Scan
a699Hark! what mean those holy voicesSMARTPage Scan
a700Brightest and best of the sons of the morningNINIANPage Scan

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