Gems and Jewels

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3Earth is full of brightnessPage Scan
4Through the meadows green, invitingPage Scan
5Hark, the music of the bellsPage Scan
6Children are straying afarPage Scan
7Beneath his wing I sweetly restPage Scan
8Sing, over and overPage Scan
9Jesus, I will follow thee, for I hear thee calling[Jesus, I will follow thee]Page Scan
10O'er the sea that wildly dashesPage Scan
12Blessed Bible, priceless treasurePage Scan
13Suffer the children to come to me, come to mePage Scan
14Come, when the morn with rosyPage Scan
15Jesus, my Savior, I would by thy childPage Scan
16When Paul in contritionPage Scan
17Today, tomorrow, evermorePage Scan
18Forward now, the voice of Jesus bravely callsPage Scan
19Trust your life with JesusPage Scan
20Cast thy bread upon the waters Thinking not 'tis thrown awayPage Scan
21Tell me the old, old story, Tell it to me, tell it to mePage Scan
22O Lord, my heart would bringPage Scan
23What radiant homes in realmsPage Scan
25He of whom the books of MosesPage Scan
26There's a bright, happy home over yonderPage Scan
27O Man of sorrows, mortal griefPage Scan
28We know not yetPage Scan
29We're marchingPage Scan
30We're a happy pilgrim bandPage Scan
31Tho' the tempest ragesPage Scan
32Tell me, brother, worn and wearyPage Scan
34Mercy in Jesus, my brotherPage Scan
35Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves even mePage Scan
36The lesson is hardPage Scan
37Bless the Lord, O soul within me, he hath done so much for theePage Scan
38When we pass death'sPage Scan
39Helmet on and sword in handPage Scan
40As on the path of life we treadPage Scan
41The love of Christ constraineth us, O SaviorPage Scan
42There's a far off path I should like to findPage Scan
43Little children all can givePage Scan
44Murmuring softly from regionsPage Scan
45Little hearts can lovePage Scan
46O Lord, how much I owePage Scan
47Jesus is the children's KingPage Scan
48Are you fit for the kingdom, Is your heart all rightPage Scan
49Savior, teach me, day by day, love's sweet lesson to obeyPage Scan
50O the music over yonderPage Scan
51The bells of heaven are ringing, The bells of heavenPage Scan
52Never be discouraged, trust the Father's wordPage Scan
53Jesus is the Friend to trustPage Scan
54Soldiers of Jesus, his cross we bearPage Scan
55Our Father, who in heaven artPage Scan
56Come for the banquet is waitingPage Scan
57God forbid that I should glory In the work of human handsPage Scan
58Our Savior bids us comePage Scan
59Move forward, soldiers of the crossPage Scan
60A wanderer wearyPage Scan
61O I am glad because I livePage Scan
62When Isr'l's noble leaderPage Scan
63O the meetings, O the greetingsPage Scan
64My feet were in the miry clayPage Scan
65Guide us, JehovahPage Scan
66From east and west, from north and southPage Scan
67When the bells are sweetlyPage Scan
68Let us watch and prayPage Scan
69God holds the key to [of] all unknown, And I am gladPage Scan
70There's a feast of love in the courts abovePage Scan
71All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallPage Scan
72Toiling up the narrow wayPage Scan
74Into thy presence blestPage Scan
75Beautiful hope that we cherishPage Scan
76There is a time, a happy timePage Scan
77I would be, from day to dayPage Scan
78Life is oft besetPage Scan
79We're a band of happy childrenPage Scan
80O Lord, thy word to me is sweetPage Scan
81We scatter seeds with careless handPage Scan
82There is a time for wakingPage Scan
83Master of the world's great harvestPage Scan
84Behold the Savior at your door, your kindestPage Scan
85When laden with sorrowPage Scan
86If we walk in the light of our SaviorPage Scan
87Let us with a gladsome mind praise the LordPage Scan
88O the home of the soulPage Scan
89Around the throne of God in heaven, thousandsPage Scan
90When the misty clouds around youPage Scan
92Whereas I once was blindPage Scan
93There is a beautiful world Where saints and angels singPage Scan
94I have a friendPage Scan
95There is a happy land, Far, [not] far awayPage Scan
96From far across the rolling seaPage Scan
97Night and morning, O my SaviorPage Scan
98We are little soldiersPage Scan
99I think, when I read that [the] sweet story of oldPage Scan
100Press on, press onPage Scan
102Have you touched the garments of the holy onePage Scan
103Thou art my Shepherd, Caring in every needPage Scan
104Lone in the gardenPage Scan
105Yes, for me, for me He carethPage Scan
106I will toil for theePage Scan
107Proclaim the tidings near and farPage Scan
108When the shadows round mePage Scan

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