Gospel Song-Gems No.1

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104O Church of God, arise!Page Scan
105Save, Jesus save, Thy blessing now we cravePage Scan
106There's sunshine in my soul to-dayPage Scan
107To work for Jesus and his namePage Scan
108Shout his praises! sing the story!Page Scan
109Take my life, and let it bePage Scan
110When the toiling time is endedPage Scan
111In the sunny pasturePage Scan
112There's a dark and a troubled side of lifePage Scan
113Would you always cheerful be?Page Scan
114There's never a day so sunnyPage Scan
115We are pilgrims looking homePage Scan
116There's a blessed promise giv'nPage Scan
117Sometime the night of sorrow will be o'erPage Scan
118Hold fast, dear friend, that which thou hastPage Scan
119Jesus is a loving SaviourPage Scan
120At Jesus' feet I heard the wordPage Scan
121This life will soon be endedPage Scan
122Do you see the Saviour standingPage Scan
123O brother, on life's treach'rous seaPage Scan
124Storm-toss'd upon the sea of lifePage Scan
125Over the mountains so bleak and so coldPage Scan
126Be strong in the Lord, tho' surrounded by foesPage Scan
127Led by the hand of faithPage Scan
128Jesus has sav'd me and cleans'd me from sinPage Scan
129Shower of blessing we're promisedPage Scan
130Praise ye Jehovah, O praise the Lord who reigns abovePage Scan
132When my life-work is ended, and I cross the swelling tidePage Scan
133The Lord is our RefugePage Scan
134Over the river faces I seePage Scan
135Do you hear that gentle whisper?Page Scan
136As a Christian bandPage Scan
137Speed away! speed away! O ye heralds of lightPage Scan
138O idler, why loiter the bright hours away?Page Scan
139Are you heavy hearted, are you sore distress'd?Page Scan
140Jesus is pleading with my poor soulPage Scan
141I shall lay the cross asidePage Scan
142Hum, little bee, in the nodding cloverPage Scan
143Saviour, blessed SaviourPage Scan
144There's not a friend like the lowly JesusPage Scan
145Our friends on earth we meet with pleasurePage Scan
146A hand all bruised and bleeding is knocking at the doorPage Scan
147Out on sin's ocean the careless are driftingPage Scan
148Walking and talking with JesusPage Scan
149List to the storyPage Scan
150Am I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
151I hear a song of jubileePage Scan
152Beautiful city, the home of the blestPage Scan
153Let us walk in the light that Jesus gives usPage Scan
154As "earth recedes, heav'n opens" brightPage Scan
155There's a home prepared for you and mePage Scan
156The gospel bell is ringingPage Scan
157Use me, O my gracious SaviourPage Scan
158Oh, listen, poor sinner, oh, listen, I prayPage Scan
159O sinner, won't you come to the Saviour tonight?Page Scan
160To the just there's no dark valleyPage Scan
161I learned a song with sweet refrainPage Scan
162There were ninety and nine that safely lay[There were ninety and nine that safely lay]TextPage Scan
163O happy day that fixed my choicePage Scan
164O brother, have you told how the Lord forgave?Page Scan
165Come to JesusPage Scan
166When times of temptation bring sadness and gloomPage Scan
167Lo! the day of rest declinethPage Scan
168Keep a light in the window burningPage Scan
169Jesus, Saviour, pilot mePage Scan
170My soul in sad exile was out on life's seaPage Scan
171What a fellowship, what a joy divinePage Scan
172I am thine, O Lord, I have heard thy voicePage Scan
173Christ has shed his blood for mePage Scan
174God calling yet! shall I not hear?Page Scan
175Why not today? Why still delay?Page Scan
176Standing on the promises of Christ my KingPage Scan
177Closer, still closer, my Saviour, to theePage Scan
178Upon the Rock, the solid Rock I'm building, day by dayPage Scan
179There's a great day comingPage Scan
180aRescue the perishingPage Scan
180bGo, bury thy sorrowPage Scan
181Now on wings of faith and gladnessPage Scan
182On mem'ries wall engraven standsPage Scan
183I never can forget the day I heard my mother kindly sayPage Scan
184Empty me of self, my gracious LordPage Scan
185While walking in the way with JesusPage Scan
186When we walk with the Lord Page Scan
187Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingPage Scan
188Just one touch as he moves alongPage Scan
189Lord, I care not for richesPage Scan
190Let sin and Satan tremblePage Scan
191Be kind to those around usPage Scan
192Go forth at Christ's commandPage Scan
193We have heard a joyful soundPage Scan
194My Jesus, I love thee, I know thou art minePage Scan
195Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!Page Scan
196There is a fountain filled with bloodPage Scan
197Come thou Fount of ev'ry blessingPage Scan
198We praise thee, O God! for the Son of thy lovePage Scan
199Holy Spirit, faithful guidePage Scan
200I am coming to the crossPage Scan
201In the Christian's home in gloryPage Scan
202From Greenland's icy mountainsPage Scan
203Hail to the Lord's Anointed!Page Scan

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