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Lous F. Benson's 1895 Presbyterian Hymnal Innovation by Roger Wayne Hicks (from "The Hymn")
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1Every morning mercies newTextPage Scan
2O God, before Thy sun's bright beamsTextPage Scan
3Lord, in the morning thou shalt hearTextPage Scan
4Awake, my soul, and with the sunTextPage Scan
5O Jesus, Lord of heavenly graceTextPage Scan
6New every morning is the loveTextPage Scan
7As the sun doth daily riseTextPage Scan
8Now, when the dusky shades of night retreatingTextPage Scan
9Christ, whose glory fills the skiesTextPage Scan
10Come, my soul, thou must be wakingPage Scan
11The radiant morn hath passed awayTextPage Scan
12The sun is sinking fastTextPage Scan
13As now the sun's declining raysTextPage Scan
14Now God be with us, for the night is closingPage Scan
15Through the day thy love has spared usTextPage Scan
16Sun of my soul, thou Savior dearTextPage Scan
17All praise to Thee, my God, this nightTextPage Scan
18O light of life, O Savior dearTextPage Scan
19The day is past and overPage Scan
20The day is gently sinking to a closeTextPage Scan
21At even ere the sun was setTextPage Scan
22Again, as evening's shadow fallsTextPage Scan
23Saviour, breathe an evening blessingTextPage Scan
24Abide with me, fast falls the eventideTextPage Scan
25All praise to him who dwells in blissTextPage Scan
26The day thou gavest, Lord is endedTextPage Scan
27Now from the altar of my heart TextPage Scan
28The shadows of the evening hoursTextPage Scan
29Softly now the light of dayTextPage Scan
30The day, O Lord, is spentTextPage Scan
31Our day of praise is doneTextPage Scan
32This night, O Lord, we bless theeTextPage Scan
33My God, how endless is thy loveTextPage Scan
34Savior, when night involves the skiesTextPage Scan
35Lord of power, Lord of mightTextPage Scan
36My Lord, my Love, was crucifiedTextPage Scan
37This is the day the Lord hath madePage Scan
38Welcome, delightful mornTextPage Scan
39Light of light enlighten mePage Scan
40Lord of the Sabbath, hear us prayTextPage Scan
41Sweet is the work, my God, my KingPage Scan
42Another six days' work is doneTextPage Scan
43This day at thy creating wordTextPage Scan
44Welcome, sweet day of restPage Scan
45This is the day of lightTextPage Scan
46O day of rest and gladnessTextPage Scan
47Hail, thou bright and sacred mornTextPage Scan
48Safely through another weekTextPage Scan
49Pleasant are Thy courts aboveTextPage Scan
50To thy temple I repairPage Scan
51Lord, when we bend before Thy throneTextPage Scan
52Spirit Divine, attend our prayers TextPage Scan
53O God of hosts, the mighty LordTextPage Scan
54How charming is the placeTextPage Scan
55Hosanna to the living LordTextPage Scan
56Open now thy gates of beautyPage Scan
57Lord, on thy returning dayTextPage Scan
58Come, Thou Almighty KingPage Scan
59Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mindTextPage Scan
60Father of heaven whose love profoundTextPage Scan
61Jesus, where'er Thy people meetTextPage Scan
62Ye holy angels brightTextPage Scan
63Christ is our CornerstoneTextPage Scan
64Lord of the worlds abovePage Scan
65Father of all, to theeTextPage Scan
66Lord, we come before thee nowTextPage Scan
67Father, again in Jesus' name we meetTextPage Scan
68What shall I render to my GodPage Scan
69Star of morn and evenTextPage Scan
70May the grace of Christ our SaviourTextPage Scan
71Sweet Savior, bless us ere we goTextPage Scan
72Now may he who from the deadTextPage Scan
73Savior again to Thy dear name we raiseTextPage Scan
74Almighty God, thy word is cast TextPage Scan
75And now the wants are told, that broughtTextPage Scan
76Still with Thee, O my GodTextPage Scan
77The Lord be with us as we bendTextPage Scan
78Lord of the hearts of menTextPage Scan
79Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessingTextPage Scan
80Holy, holy, holy, Lord God AlmightyTextPage Scan
81Round the Lord in glory seatedTextPage Scan
82God eternal, Lord of allTextPage Scan
83Holy, holy, holy, Lord TextPage Scan
84O holy, holy, holy, LordTextPage Scan
85Eternal Father, when to TheeTextPage Scan
86Holy, holy, holy, LordTextPage Scan
87O God, we praise thee and confessTextPage Scan
88O God, the Rock of agesTextPage Scan
89God the Lord, a King remainethTextPage Scan
90Around the throne of GodTextPage Scan
91The God of Abraham praiseTextPage Scan
92Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore himTextPage Scan
93God, my King, Thy might confessingTextPage Scan
94With songs and honors sounding loudPage Scan
95Great God, how infinite art thouPage Scan
96My God, how wonderful Thou artTextPage Scan
97Give to our God immortal praisePage Scan
98The spacious firmament on highPage Scan
99The Lord is King, lift up thy voiceTextPage Scan
100All people that on earth do dwellPage Scan

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