Hymns and Anthems adapted for Jewish Worship

Editor: Gustav Gottheil
Publisher: Putnam, New York, 1887
Denomination: Jewish Congregations, Judaism
Language: English
Notes: Anthems are numbered separately
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1Early will I seek TheePage Scan
2In whatsoe'er my people sinned, I'll sharePage Scan
3One God! One Lord! One mighty King!Page Scan
4Pray when the morn unveilethPage Scan
5Pray thou for all who living treadPage Scan
6One and universal Father!Page Scan
7Lord! who art merciful as well as justPage Scan
8Praise ye the Lord! for it is goodPage Scan
9Be still! be still! for all aroundPage Scan
10O blest the souls, forever blestPage Scan
11Lord, what offering shall we bringPage Scan
12God is in His holy templePage Scan
13How goodly is Thy house, O Lord!Page Scan
14Now thank we all our GodPage Scan
15The harp at nature's advent strungPage Scan
16Angels holy, High and lowlyPage Scan
17How lovely are Thy dwellings fairPage Scan
18Not in the solitudePage Scan
19Evening and morningPage Scan
20In God, the holy, wise, and justPage Scan
21As pants the hart for cooling streamsPage Scan
22Three things there are that to my eyesPage Scan
23One thought I have, my ample creedPage Scan
24The spacious firmament on highPage Scan
25Lord of might and Lord of gloryPage Scan
26Is there a lone and dreary hourPage Scan
27Oh, let my trembling soul be stillPage Scan
28Rejoice with trembling; yet rejoicePage Scan
29Hear, Father, hear our prayer!Page Scan
30Have ye not seen? have ye not heard?Page Scan
31I look to Thee in every needPage Scan
32Cometh sunshine after rainPage Scan
33Wait, O my soul! thy Maker's willPage Scan
34Father, to Thee we look in all our sorrowPage Scan
35To Thee, my God, whose presence fillsPage Scan
36Who is like Thee, O Universal Lord!Page Scan
37Thus shalt thou love the Almighty LordPage Scan
38Lord, Thou hast searched, and seen me throughPage Scan
39Courage, brother, do not stumblePage Scan
40O Lord, my God, to Thee I prayPage Scan
41God is my strong salvationPage Scan
42From the recesses of a lowly spiritPage Scan
43Lo, our Father's tender carePage Scan
44Father, Thou hast taught the wayPage Scan
45Thou, Sovereign, Lord of all!Page Scan
46God is enough! Thou who in hope and fearPage Scan
47If a mortal man might singPage Scan
48Lord of all being! throned afarPage Scan
49How precious are Thy thoughts of peacePage Scan
50Grant me, O God, to Thee to flyPage Scan
51All as God wills, who wisely heedsPage Scan
52Wouldst thou from sorrow find a sweet relief?Page Scan
53O solemn thought!Page Scan
54When up to nightly skies we gazePage Scan
55When Samuel heard in still midnightPage Scan
56Long in the lap of childhood didst thou sleepPage Scan
57Remember Him, the only OnePage Scan
58If, gracious God! in life's green ardent yearPage Scan
59My days are as the grassPage Scan
60The man in life, where'er plac'dPage Scan
61How happy is he born or taughtPage Scan
62Not so in haste, my heartPage Scan
63Without haste! without rest!Page Scan
64Tell me not in mournful numbersPage Scan
65O pure reformers! not in vainPage Scan
66They of great faith have ceasedPage Scan
67Pour forth the oil--pour boldly forthPage Scan
68Who is thy neighbor? he whom thouPage Scan
69Abide not in the realm of dreamsPage Scan
70Supreme and Universal Light!Page Scan
71Give forth thine earnest cryPage Scan
72As earth's pageant passes byPage Scan
73Speak gently of the erring onePage Scan
74Scorn not the slightest word or deedPage Scan
75All-seeing God! 'tis thine to knowPage Scan
76O Father! when the softened heartPage Scan
77Come, let us sound her praise abroadPage Scan
78Had not the Lord, may Israel sayPage Scan
79Let Israel trust in God alonePage Scan
80How blest are they whose lives are purePage Scan
81Unveil my eyes, that of Thy lawPage Scan
82God is our strength and refuge highPage Scan
83Thy word, O Lord, like gentle dewsPage Scan
84Praise, praise, to God on HighPage Scan
85Lord, who dost the voices blessPage Scan
86Weep, weep for him, the man of God!Page Scan
87I rejoiced when they said, let us go to God's housePage Scan
88'Twas like a dream, when by the LordPage Scan
89The week is over and to-dayPage Scan
90With joy, O Lord, we hail this dayPage Scan
91Come, O Sabbath day, and bringPage Scan
92Holy Sabbath-rest!Page Scan
93To Thee, above all creatures' gazePage Scan
94This day behold!Page Scan
95The sullen ice has crept from many fieldsPage Scan
96O holy Father, just and truePage Scan
97Oppressions shall not always reignPage Scan
98Men! whose boast it is, that yePage Scan
99The breaking waves dashed highPage Scan
100Now bend we low and ask our fathers' GodPage Scan

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