The Hymn Book of the African Methodist Episcopal Church: being a collection of hymns, sacred songs and chants (5th ed.)

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1001Look up to heaven! th' industious sunPage Scan
1002In a land of strange delightPage Scan
1003Ready for my earthen bedPage Scan
1004Lord, I am thine, entirely thinePage Scan
1005O thou faithful God of lovePage Scan
1006Ye golden lamps of heaven, farewellPage Scan
1007My days are extinguish'd and gonePage Scan
1008I am turning now away from this false fading earthPage Scan
1009Saviour of sinful menPage Scan
1010Come, let us use the grace divinePage Scan
1011Jesus, we look to theePage Scan
1012Ent'ring into my closet, IPage Scan
1013O tell me no more Of this world's vain storePage Scan
1014Jesus, great Shepherd of the sheepPage Scan
1015Christ, from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
1016The work of one more day is donePage Scan
1017When languor and disease invadePage Scan
1018Giver of concord, Prince of peacePage Scan
1019Lord, I believe thy every wordPage Scan
1020Master supreme! I look to theePage Scan
1021Father, into thy hands alonePage Scan
1022Captain of Israel's host, and GuidePage Scan
1023Cast on the fidelityPage Scan
1024Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the wayPage Scan
1025Jehovah reigns; his throne is highPage Scan
1026Author of faith, we seek thy facePage Scan
1027God of love, that hear'st the pray'rPage Scan
1028All hail! fair Freedom's mornPage Scan
1029Sons of Freedom, wake to glory!Page Scan
1030Brethren, we have met to worshipPage Scan
1031A twelvemonth more has roll'd aroundPage Scan
1032O, when shall I see JesusPage Scan
1033Behold that great and awful dayPage Scan
1034Arise and shine, oh Zion fairPage Scan
1035Come, brothers and sisters who love one anotherPage Scan
1036Never be afraid to speak to JesusPage Scan
1037Jesus the water of life will givePage Scan
1038Say, brothers, will you meet usPage Scan
1039Shall we gather at the riverPage Scan
1040Jesus loves me, this I knowPage Scan
1041There's a light in the window for thee, bortherPage Scan
1042Pray what's the reason, when you meetPage Scan
1043How swift the torrent rollsPage Scan
1044Pilgrim burdened with thy sinPage Scan
1045Come, and taste along with mePage Scan
1046Our bondage it shall endPage Scan
1047By faith I view my Saviour dyingPage Scan
1048O'er mountain and hill I wandered alonePage Scan
1049At Jacob's well a stranger soughtPage Scan
1050Ye weary heavy laden soulsPage Scan
1051I'll try to prove faithfulPage Scan
1052We're traveliing home to heaven above?Page Scan
1053The Lord shall come! the earth shall quakePage Scan
1054Come all ye weary travellersPage Scan
1055Come, ye that love the Lord indeedPage Scan
1056O Zion! afflicted with wave upon wavePage Scan
1057Rejoice, ye nations of the worldPage Scan
1058Look up, ye saints, with sweet surprisePage Scan
1059Jesus! thou art the sinner's friendPage Scan
1060In the house of king David a fountain did springPage Scan
1061Methinks the last great day is comePage Scan
1062Saw ye my Saviour! Saw ye my Saviour!Page Scan
1063How prone are professors to rest on thier leesPage Scan
1064I'm glad that I am born to diePage Scan
1065Daniel's wisdom may I knowPage Scan
1066What wondrous love is this, O my soul! O my soul!Page Scan
1067Stop, poor sinner, stop and thinkPage Scan
1068Can sinners hope for heavenPage Scan
1069Dark and thorny is the desertPage Scan
1070There is a happy landPage Scan
1071Remember sinful youthPage Scan
1072Who is he in yonder stallPage Scan
1073I am so glad that our Father in heavenPage Scan
1074Ho! my comrades see the signalPage Scan
1075'Tis the promise of God, full salvation to givePage Scan
1076There is a gate that stands ajarPage Scan
1077Sowing the seed by the daylight fairPage Scan
1078Pass me not, O gentle SaviourPage Scan
1079Take the name of Jesus with youPage Scan
1080Weary gleaner, whence comest thouPage Scan
1081Light in the darkness, sailor, day is at hand!Page Scan
1082Ring the bells of heaven! there is joy to-dayPage Scan
1083"Almost persuaded" now to believePage Scan
1084Come to the Saviour, make no delayPage Scan
1085Brightly beams our Father's mercyPage Scan
1086Nearer, my God to TheePage Scan
1087Ye children of Zion, who're aiming for gloryPage Scan
1088Come to Jesus, come to JesusPage Scan
1089My days are gliding swiftly byPage Scan
1090Glory be to God on highPage Scan
1091Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy namePage Scan
1092Praise the Lord, O my soulPage Scan
1093God be merciful unto us, and bless usPage Scan
1094Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!Page Scan
1095Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy ladenPage Scan
1096I was glad when they said unto mePage Scan
1097The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereofPage Scan
1098I will lift up mine eyes unto the hillsPage Scan
1099God is our refuge and strengthPage Scan
1100One sweetly solemn thoughtPage Scan

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