The Heavenly Choir: a collection of hymns and tunes for all occasions of worship, congregational, church, prayer, praise, choir, Sunday school, and social meeings

Editor: T. Wood
Publisher: C. M. Cady, New York, 1876
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by the page number the hymn starts on, if there is more than one hymn on a page, letters are added to the numbers.
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3They rest not day and nightPage Scan
4Blow ye the trumpet, blowPage Scan
5O, mansions celestial, so near the sweet riverPage Scan
6To Heaven, where tears and sighsPage Scan
7Now the golden ear Waits the reaper's handPage Scan
8When down to the garden, where rivulets flowPage Scan
10When life's many trials Are pressing aroundPage Scan
11Lord of the worlds abovePage Scan
12My heavenly home is bright and fairPage Scan
15Keep praying at the gatePage Scan
16God's ways are the bestPage Scan
17Oh! how light is my pathwayPage Scan
18When burdened is my breastPage Scan
20Oh say, my soul since Jesus camePage Scan
21When we gather at the JordanPage Scan
22Where'er the Sabbath School bells may ringPage Scan
23Shall we gather o'er the river!Page Scan
24If we knew the cares and crossesPage Scan
25The old, old friends, old friendsPage Scan
26Once I was dead in sin, And hope within me diedPage Scan
27I hear the Saviour sayPage Scan
28aWhen I can read my title clearPage Scan
28bJerusalem! my happy homePage Scan
29There is a home eternalPage Scan
30aLo! he cometh, countless trumpetsPage Scan
30bSaints of God, the dawn is brighteningPage Scan
31A few more years shall rollPage Scan
32aWhen shall the voice of singing flowPage Scan
32bOur country's voice is pleadingPage Scan
33Blessed Jesus thou art mineTextPage Scan
34We are marching homeward with the blestPage Scan
35aArise, my soul arisePage Scan
35bHow pleasing is thy voicePage Scan
35cLord of the worlds belowPage Scan
36Just where Jesus wants mePage Scan
37aEcho him ye soften'd breezesPage Scan
37bGlorious things of thee are spokenPage Scan
38aForever here my rest shall be[Forever here my rest shall be]Page Scan
38bPraise God, we must no journey goPage Scan
39There is a place of waveless restMY FATHER'S HOUSEPage Scan
40aShow, pity, Lord, O Lord, forgivePage Scan
40bAll hail the power of Jesus name!Page Scan
41I love to sing of that great powerPage Scan
42Have we not reason to rejoicePage Scan
43Saviour, visit Thy plantationPage Scan
44In seasons of grief, to my God I'll repairPage Scan
45aWhy lament the Christian dying?Page Scan
45bMay the grace of Christ our SaviourPage Scan
46When the heart grows faint and waryPage Scan
47Come, brother, Jesus saith, I am the wayPage Scan
48I stand all bewilder'd with wonderPage Scan
49aCome Thou Almighty KingPage Scan
49bTo Jesus I may come, with all my stains of guiltPage Scan
50In the old church tower, Hangs the bellPage Scan
51Must Jesus bear the cross alonePage Scan
52I know not what will befall mePage Scan
53There is a stream whose gentle flowPage Scan
54Fading away, like the stars of the morningPage Scan
56There were ninety and nine that safely layPage Scan
57Come, Lord Jesus, loving SaviourPage Scan
58From the cross uplifted highPage Scan
59aSweet is the scene when Christians diePage Scan
59bOnce more we would our voices joinPage Scan
60aGive to the Lord thine heartPage Scan
60bSoft zephyrs sport on angels' wingsPage Scan
61Our Father in heaven, We hallow Thy namePage Scan
62O ransomed hosts, whom God has sent Page Scan
63When the storm is loud and the winds are highPage Scan
64If I were a voice, a persuasive voicePage Scan
66The day has come, the joyful dayPage Scan
67Rejoice, ye saints, the time draws nearPage Scan
68God bless America, God grant our standard mayPage Scan
69aGod of our Fathers; ThouPage Scan
69bWhile Thee I seek, protecting powe!Page Scan
70aIntemperance, like a raging floodPage Scan
70bWe sing of the realms of the blestPage Scan
71aRock of Ages cleft for mePage Scan
71bHark! 'twas a seraph's layPage Scan
72Only one crossing overPage Scan
73Nearer, my God, to TheePage Scan
74By and bye, are words of meaningPage Scan
75In some way or other "The Lord will provide"Page Scan
76aMy soul with patience waitsPage Scan
76bI'll praise my Maker with my breathPage Scan
77There's a story that's never been toldPage Scan
78Jerusalem the beautiful!Page Scan
80Come nearer to Jesus, "For He is the way"Page Scan
81Oh, Jesus, Oh, Jesus, how vast Thy love to mePage Scan
82aI know not if the dark or brightPage Scan
82bSaw ye not the cloud arisePage Scan
83I gave my life for theePage Scan
84What a friend we have in JesusPage Scan
85Jerusalem the golden Page Scan
86Yield not to temptationPage Scan
87Angry words! Oh let them neverPage Scan
88There's a beautiful shining riverPage Scan
89The River of Life so sparkling and brightPage Scan
90Holy Bible, well I love thee!Page Scan
91Hark! the bells of holy SabbathPage Scan
92Sing, O sing the song of gladnessPage Scan

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